Watch the video from a driver’s perspective as a miniature car drives through the race track at Kettering University


FLINT, MI – With an iPhone strapped with zip ties on a toy race car, the Clinton High School team was ready to hit the racetrack.

The video above shows a first-person perspective as the team – consisting of juniors Kent McCombs, Samuel Hoffman and Joseph Gilman – navigate the track in a practice before a competitive race.

More than 50 Michigan high school teams gathered at Kettering University this week to participate in the 14th Annual Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge.

The statewide competition, run by Square One Education Network, used the university’s Mobility Research Center. The event started on Tuesday May 18 and ended on Wednesday May 19.

High school students competed in four different categories, all related to vehicle engineering and reengineering: the innovative autonomous vehicle design challenge, the mini innovative vehicle design challenge, the V2X innovative vehicle design and the large-scale innovative vehicle design challenge.

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