Watch the hilarious moment a child’s toy car is towed away

Citizen journalism has never looked better and never will. Don’t even try. This clip is going viral and for good reason.

Behold, a towed children’s toy car in London, as captured by TikTok user @drose3pt

Surprising. Incredible vision, incredible commentary, don’t even try to get close, it’s impossible.

“South is mad” reads the text on the clip, referencing the madness of South London.

“Listen, I told you a lot: everything is towed here. Look at this. I know Little Miss is pissed. She probably went to a store to buy a popsicle,” says @drose3pt as a little pink car is towed. away on a huge flatbed truck.

Pink gender norms aside, the evocative language conjures up such a hilarious visual in your mind of a furious kid watching his car being towed down the street right out of the store, reluctantly pulling out a toy phone to call the company. towing, mouth full of swear words.

The other two clips on TikTok from @drose3pt are also good insights into South London life; from having a cheeky laugh with the cops about a failed drug bust to talking to a guy on a bike who has a fox in his backpack.

How do we get this guy a show? Or at least a bunch of five-minute episodes on YouTube.

Come on, mass culture – do your thing and rise.

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