Watch Doberman’s Protective Reaction To Being Pranked By Human Puppy

One minute you’re happily playing with a ball, the next a pesky human starts pulling a prank.

Such is the life of a Doberman named Tessa who was filmed reacting to a small stuffed toy controlled by one of her parents.

In the video, which has been widely watched and shared on YouTube, Tessa is shown quietly teething around the ball. But then her human dad slowly introduces a small toy Doberman, circling it around the open door, and Tessa soon spots it.

Barking incessantly at the intruder, Tessa is surprised when the toy appears to bark back. It’s, of course, the human making the sound of a dog, but Tessa can’t figure it out.

The video continues with the toy dog ​​taking control of the ball and Tessa still trying to figure out what’s going on. Even when the toy is pushed into the room, Tessa is very suspicious and only seems to grow braver – at least to some extent – ​​when the animal’s father also enters the room.

Shortly after, the toy is placed on Tessa’s bed and only then does the Doberman come closer. She sniffs the toy and ends up taking it between her teeth to put it back on the ground. But there is still a little time to play before the end of the video.

As expected, the video, posted on the TessatheDobie Dobie account (opens in a new tab)did well online, having been watched 47 million times and liked by 220,000 viewers.

“I love how the plush toy pops up out of nowhere and I love the faux bark,” says one of more than 12,000 commenters.

“His reaction is why we love Dobermans,” wrote another, and it’s hard not to agree when you take a look at 10 surprising facts about Dobermans.

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