Vroum! A Battle Royale toy car game coming in 2022


Vroum!  A Battle Royale toy car game coming in 2022

Adam Bernath, founder of iGaming Studio announced on August 6 that Vroum! a toy car battle royale game, will launch next year. Players will be able to drive in miniature miniature cars while racing with other players. The game itself will take place in messy childhood-style rooms as you wage war against other players to try and take the lead for the top spot. The gameplay trailer, which was released on the same day as the development announcement, shows that getting around the unconventional ‘trail’ won’t be an easy task. Players will have to dodge and go around various obstacles – preschool wooden blocks, basketballs, soccer balls, bear slippers and even the occasional toy train, anything goes in this racing arena of not-so-ordinary miniature cars.

The reveal announcement also suggests that there will be several different environments in which runners will have to compete with each environment containing interactive elements that runners can use to their advantage. For example, players can use the toys in the children’s room to distract other runners – whether it’s knocking out a player with a basketball or finding explosive items that you can use to punish others. opponents, the possibilities are endless.

Players will also have a choice of miniature cars in Vroum! The trailer presents these options in the form of pickup trucks, ’60s style formula cars, aerial work platforms and concrete mixers, each of which also offers the ability to be customized. Personalization options in Vroum! allow you to change the finishes of your cars from wood to gloss to plastic if you like to look like an old school Tonka truck.

Vroum! will be released in 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X S consoles. A pre-alpha version is currently being used to test the game before it is officially released. For now, Bernath plans to keep his game exclusive to next-gen consoles.


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