Volkswagen remote control toy car delivers Euro playing ball and social media can’t get enough


Europe’s biggest soccer tournament, the delayed Euro 2020, kicked off this weekend with a sponsor, automaker Volkswagen, who managed to squeeze some more out of their contract.

Friday’s opener between Italy and Turkey (won by the Italians 3-0 in Rome) was overshadowed when the match ball was delivered onto the pitch via a remote-controlled toy Volkswagen SUV.

Even Andrea Bocelli singing the iconic Nessun Dorma a few minutes before kick-off had to play the role of second violin behind the clever marketing coup of the German brand.

Euro 2020 is estimated to have a global audience of two billion, although numbers for Friday night’s game are not available.

Volkswagen was all the rage on Twitter from kick-off as fans continued to marvel at the powerful but undeniably inexpensive pre-match stunt. Volkswagen’s slogan for the tournament is “We Drive Football”.

Announced in 2017, Volkswagen entered into a four-year contract with UEFA for an undisclosed amount. In doing so, it replaced the historic German rival Mercedes-Benz.

And home TV fans seemed to be enjoying the stunt with a number of favorable social media posts.

One fan tweeted: “The little rc car that delivered the ball to the field is my favorite # EURO2020 moment so far and I don’t think it will be passed.”

An English fan said: “Watch that little car pull out one of ours on Sunday! #FR # EURO2020 ”

“I died because of that little car that drives football at kick-off!” commented another.

England Women’s International Lianne Sanderson posted: “Am I the only one who wants that little car that made it stand out. Ball?”

It was not clear whether he should be consistent throughout the tournament, and his non-appearance in Saturday’s Wales-Switzerland game sparked a major backlash on social media sites. Check out some of the hates below.

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