Toy Story star Tom Hanks talks about replacing Tim Allen with Chris Evans in Lightyear

The release of the new Disney and Pixar film Light year announces a new era in the toy story franchise, one where actor Tim Allen isn’t associated with the iconic space commander Buzz Lightyear who he’s voiced for decades. Instead, the character is brought to life by Chris Evans, who offers a change of pace that fans aren’t lining up in theaters to see. Original Woody actor Tom Hanks has finally spoken out about the new movie after Allen voiced his disappointment at being left out of the new one. Light year film.

Hanks appears in Baz Luhrmann’s novella Elvis biopic. The Independent asked Hanks if it was weird going up against Buzz Lightyear at the box office. Hanks revealed his hopes for a box office showdown with Allen.

“How about that? I actually wanted to fight Tim Allen and then they wouldn’t let him. I don’t understand that,” Hanks said.

When Evans voiced Buzz, Hanks said, “Yeah, yeah, I know. Here’s the thing: I want to go back to the theater with a bunch of strangers and come away with something in common. That’s what I want to do and , go see a movie with [Allen] – I’m looking forward to it.”

Allen recently weighed in on Light yearbox office performance. He said in addition“Literally the short answer is – I stayed out of it because it has nothing to do with it, like I said a long time ago, we talked about it many years ago, it’s been brought up during one of the sessions I said what a fun movie it would be and it was, we talked about everything But the brass guys who did the first four movies aren’t… That’s brand new team that really had nothing to do with the early movies and they are, like I said, I thought it was live action. When they said they were doing live action, that would mean real humans, not an animated thing.

He continued, “Really, Hanks and I, well, there’s really no toy story Buzz without Woody…. I’m an intrigue guy. This was made in 1997, it seemed like a great adventure story and as I see it is not a great adventure story. It’s a wonderful story, it just doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the toy.”

Light year now playing in theaters.

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