Toy Story: 10 Worst Things Buzz Lightyear Did

Pixar’s superb animations showcase an array of noble cartoon heroes, and among their bravest is Buzz Lightyear. Andy’s beloved space ranger has become a favorite of toy story viewers, with the courageous astronaut recently starring in his cinematic spin-off, Light year. However, while Buzz may seem heroic, he’s also done atrocious things, both as a toy and in his in-universe movie.

Buzz’s adventures have seen him do terrible things, both to himself and to others within the toy story series. His stubborn and willful nature can often get in the way of the task at hand, leading Buzz to make some of the worst decisions in pursuing the space ranger’s latest mission.


Free Emperor Zurg

Emperor Zurg

Cinema’s greatest heroes often come face to face with some of the deadliest foes, and Buzz Lightyear has one of the most malevolent villains of them all. Emperor Zurg has posed a significant threat to the universe through the Space Guard shows and movies, Buzz’s nemesis working on a superweapon capable of destroying entire worlds. Despite Zurg’s evil nature, however, Buzz frees him from his prison at Al’s Toy Barn, unleashing a potentially unstoppable threat upon the toy store.

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Buzz’s deplorable actions cause many problems for the store’s “Utility Belt Buzz”. The dastardly supervillain chases Buzz’s utility belt clone through the store, believing himself to be the “real” Zurg rather than a toy. This risky move by Buzz also results in the disappearance of another Buzz Lightyear action figure, as Zurg is about to end the toy’s life in the elevator shaft before the astronaut’s nemesis can. being inadvertently sent to his death by Rex.

Fight Woody

Woody yells at Buzz in Toy Story

Buzz and Woody have developed a particularly close partnership, with the pair sharing many heartwarming exchanges (with plenty of quotes highlighting how Woody and Buzz have the best Disney friendship). Before becoming best friends, however, the duo had a more strained relationship with the former. toy story film seeing the couple have a fight outside Andy’s house after Woody accidentally knocks him out of the bedroom window.

While Buzz’s anger at Woody is justified, his violent approach to selfish cowboy behavior leaves little to be desired. The astronaut doesn’t listen to Woody’s fears of being replaced as Andy’s favorite toy and instead chooses to fight him under Andy’s family car, showing a clear lack of empathy for cowboy concerns.

Strand his crew

Lightyear Poster Emperor Zurg Header Image

Buzz Lightyear proves a major inspiration to Andy during his childhood, with the noble space explorer becoming the young boy’s favorite movie hero. Despite impressing young Andy, Light year involves Buzz making a particularly catastrophic mistake, as he accidentally crashes his crew on Tikana Prime.

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Buzz’s arrogant behavior leaves his crew separated from friends and family on a distant planet, unsure of how or when they will be able to return home. His irresponsible actions put the spacecraft’s fearless astronaut team in extreme danger on a daily basis, as they find themselves in a world occupied by particularly vicious creatures.

Driving the RV

Buzz Lightyear takes control of Bonnie's RV.

Considered one of the best films of 2019, toy story 4 provides another spectacular entry in Pixar’s beloved franchise. The studio’s stunning animation has Buzz embarking on one of his biggest character journeys, as he learns the importance of listening to his “inner voice” when faced with a particularly difficult decision. However, the space ranger makes a somewhat dubious judgment of the film’s climax, as he leads the other toys into driving Bonnie’s RV to the antique store.

While Buzz’s motives are mild, as he aims to reunite Bonnie with her backpack, his ill-conceived move could have potentially damaging repercussions. Bonnie’s dad is visibly frightened as his RV apparently develops a mind of its own, as the toys steer the vehicle undetected through San Francisco (which could lead to his poor dad having a nervous breakdown ). Also, Buzz and the toy’s driving skills prove reckless, with the gang struggling with the controls of the automobile as the van stops and starts intermittently during its journey. It’s really lucky that no one got hurt in the process.

Murder of Flik and Heimlich

Flik and Heimlich proudly pose on a sheet in a Toy Story 2 blooper, before Buzz Lightyear sends them flying to their deaths.

Pixar is responsible for some of cinema’s most famous animated works, and one of their earliest examples is The life of an insect. The toy story series briefly crosses paths with this Pixar classic, during Toy Story 2 end credit bloopers, who see Flik and Heimlich make an appearance. However, these animated insects meet a particularly unpleasant fate as Buzz sends the pair flying to their deaths on their journey to Al’s Toy Barn.

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Buzz’s ruthless murder shows a carefree side of the usually heroic space ranger, with his frivolous attitude towards insects ending in their demise. Star Command’s greatest space explorer becomes responsible for taking down two of Pixar’s most notorious individuals as he heads to the original toy store.

Fight another buzz

Two Buzz Lightyears meet in Toy Story 2.

From its debut in the original toy story, Buzz Lightyear contributed some of the best quotes. Andy’s Space Ranger toy comes from a huge range of action figures, with toy story 2 showing some of the most interesting variants of Buzz. A visit to Al’s Toy Barn features Andy’s Buzz encountering the Utility Belt Buzz, which ends in a furious battle between the two.

Buzz’s selfish desire for Buzz Lightyear’s new utility belt sparks the duo’s fight, with Andy’s Buzz dishonestly attempting to steal the figure’s belt. Rather than resolve the situation by apologizing to utility belt Buzz, Andy’s beloved astronaut chooses to brawl with the toy, and his reckless decision ends with this new variant of Buzz Lightyear imprisoning him. in the store.

Break the arm

Buzz tries to fly in Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear spends much of the premiere toy story believing himself to be an actual space ranger, despite Woody’s frequent protestations that he is a toy. Buzz’s ignorance costs him dearly later in the animated film, as his attempt to fly through Sid’s open window ends disastrously.

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This ambitious leap of fate from Sid’s stair railing turns out to be one of Buzz’s worst acts, the risky move leaving the space guard badly injured. Buzz’s mistaken belief results in Andy’s latest action figure breaking his arm, with Star Command’s most famous astronaut being reluctantly forced to admit the truth that he is a toy.

Attempt to kill Woody

Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear and Woody

As Andy’s volunteer toy leader, Woody provided some of the toy story best quotes. Andy’s cowboy doll takes an instant dislike to Buzz when they first meet, however, with the newcomer deciding to aim his laser at Andy’s resident sheriff.

These controversial actions display a rather volatile attitude on the part of Buzz, who believes himself to be a true space ranger. Buzz aims his laser at Woody, whom the Buzz Lightyear from Star Command the TV series shows he is capable of killing his target, demonstrating murderous intent from Andy’s latest addition. Also, Buzz shows a dismissive attitude towards his new friends, as he harshly states that Andy’s room is devoid of “intelligent life”.

Imprison his friends

Buzz and Lotso trap the other toys in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3 features a thoroughly satisfying conclusion to Andy’s story, as he passes his toys on to their new owner, Bonnie. This deeply moving adventure of toy story gang also features Buzz at his most despicable, as he imprisons his friends at Sunnyside Daycare.

Buzz’s betrayal represents one of the toy’s most shocking moments, as he finds himself working with Lotso Hugging Bear after being factory reset. The once-heroic space guard becomes a cold and heartless prison guard, as he patrols the daycare’s toy prison to ensure their continued captivity.

Cross the street like traffic cones

Toys cross the street in Toy Story 2

Throughout the toy story series, Andy’s toys make several wacky decisions, as they try to save Buzz or Woody from their latest predicament. Buzz concocts one of his most bizarre judgments in toy story 2, with his planned mission to save Woody involving the toys posing as traffic cones.

This stupid decision by Buzz is a particularly inadvisable course of action. Buzz’s plan could have easily ended in disaster, as the toys find themselves crossing the street while hidden under traffic cones. This risky method not only sees Hamm hit by an oncoming vehicle, but also causes several cars to swerve dangerously out of the cones, resulting in a few auto collisions, endangering human and toy lives.

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