Toikido, PMI Ink Deal for ‘Gang Beasts’ toys • The Toy Book

Source: Toikdio / PMI

Following the announcement last summer that Toikido signed an agreement with indie game developer Boneloaf to serve as the primary toy licensee for products inspired by Gang of beasts, another player has entered the game.

PMI SA. joins Toikido as a manufacturing partner of the Gang Beasts toy line in an effort to continue the successful partnership of companies for Among us-toys inspired by last year.

“We see how friends and family like to share the silliness and the fun of Gang of beasts, and with Toikido, we plan to provide a full line of toy products that will be equally fun for fans of the game, ”said Omer Dekel, vice president of international sales at PMI Ltd.

“The Boneloaf team are amazing – they are passionate and involved in every step of product planning and development,” said Toikido founder Darran Garnham. “I am very happy to bring the product to the market for Gang Beashis fans and bring new ones to the franchise. PMI has been a great Toikido partner and the initial discussions on Gang Beasts have been fantastic.

Gang of beasts officially launched in 2017 after a period of “early access” on PC that began in 2014. In recent years, the game has evolved with versions released for PC and console platforms including Xbox One and Playstation 4 The award-winning title features a colorful crew of “dumb pugnacious thugs punching, kicking and throwing their enemies into unspecified dangerous machines, flaming incinerator pits and gigantic industrial fans.”

PMI and Toikido expect their first wave of Gang Beasts toys to hit the market this summer.

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