Telangana: Good toy, bad toy, can you tell them apart? | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: The proliferation of non-standard toys – deemed unsafe and in many cases unsafe by authorities – across the state has become a huge concern. Not only in roadside hacks, these uncertified toys are also sold in stores and malls across the state.
Although a variety of materials go into making a toy, some plastics, paints and fabrics have a higher chemical concentration, experts say, and warn that these items pose a health and safety hazard to children.
Customers, often unaware of safety guidelines, buy toys that are not certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). “According to the Toys (Quality Control) Ordinance, effective January 2021, BIS certification is compulsory for all toys,” said KV Rao, Manager and E-Scientist, BIS, Hyderabad. “To verify the BIS certification, other raids will soon be conducted. “To stop the spread of dangerous toys, BIS has started cracking down on violators and has already carried out several raids earlier this month. In a recent meeting with toy manufacturers and traders, BIS-Hyderabad officials gave them an ultimatum to ensure that only toys that meet BIS specifications (marked ISI) are manufactured and sold.According to the Toy Association of Telangana (TAT), there are three BIS approved manufacturers in Telangana and nearly 300 traders in the toy sector.
About 300 to 500 types of toys, costing between 100 and 15,000 rupees, are available in the market. Highlighting the dangers of battery-operated toys, officials said they pose a greater danger to children if they don’t follow safety instructions. “Electric toys must be manufactured in accordance with the BIS specification of IS 15644. This helps control toys in the electric, paramagnetic, and electromagnetic categories, while ensuring battery and electronic circuit safety,” Rao said.
With the BIS warning, traders in the city are in deep trouble. They hope to sell their stock before they are seized in raids and have urged authorities to give them at least another year to get rid of the toys. “BIS should allow traders to get rid of their stock as they have already paid GST,” said Tarun Jhawar, education-related toy maker and treasurer of TAT. However, officials insist that all toys must carry BIS certification. Rao said, “The sale of uncertified toys may be punishable by imprisonment of up to two years or a fine not less than Rs2lakh on the first breach of the orders, and not will be no less than Rs5 lakh for the second and subsequent offences. ”

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