Super rare Dinky Toy car sells for £ 5,000 after Teesside auction war breaks out


A damaged Dinky Toy car sold for over £ 5,000 after it started an unlikely bidding war.

The rare model of a Vauxhall Victor estate was ordered in 1963 as a promotional item by an electrical wholesaler.

Between 200 and 300 were given away as free gifts to customers who spent more than a certain amount with them.

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Hardly any of the dark red cars, marked “Lightning Fasteners Ltd Technical Service” on the side, exist today.

As a result, one auctioned model was so hotly contested that it sold 33 times its pre-sale estimate of £ 150.

This was despite the fact that it was heavily scratched from where it had been played by a child and did not have its original box that many collectors wish.

The miniature car sold for a hammer price of £ 4,200. With the auction house fees added to the overall price paid by the buyer was £ 5,040.

Andrew Reed of Vectis Auctioneers of Stockton said: ‘On a good day we would have expected this Dinky car to fetch around £ 400 given the condition it is in.

“But for some reason we had two French collectors who both wanted it desperately and kept on bidding.

“We have found that the prices of toys like Dinky and Matchbox cars have skyrocketed following the Covid lockdowns.

“People didn’t really have enough to spend their money on and turned to buying nostalgic childhood items.”

The Vauxhall Victor station wagon, which has a blue interior, silver trimmed hubs with black tread tires, was sold by a private car collector Dinky.

Mr Reed added: “It is not in great condition and is very scratched from playing with it. Back then people never thought that one day items like the car would be so precious. .

“This car is very rare but I am still shocked at the price it cost.”

Dinky Toys were produced by the British toy company Meccano Ltd from 1934 and predate other brands like Corgi, Matchbox and Mattel’s Hot Wheels.

The trade name was acquired by Matchbox International Ltd in the late 1980s.

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