Small car with methamphetamine inside was found outside Georgia prison


One afternoon a week before Over Christmas, someone spotted a man with a toy outside the Monroe County Justice Center. It wasn’t Santa Claus, but rather a guy from the north county who had gone up there with his mother.

She had come to deposit money into the account of the prison commissioner of an incarcerated relative. As the man waited outside, as a sheriff’s report later noted, he was seen near one of the building’s gutters. He would have “placed a small red car near the gutter”.

A deputy, informed of the unusual activity, came out and “immediately recognized” the man from the man’s previous stay inside the county dungeon, according to the report. “It was clear he was under the influence of something.” By this time, the 41-year-old had returned to the automobile in which he had arrived.

The deputy quickly made his way to where the guy had been seen earlier with the small car, the variety or size of which was not described in more detail in the article. The deputy found the toy and a “small bag” of methamphetamine inside. Then the MP showed it to the man who “immediately said with a spontaneous expression: ‘It’s not mine. … I got him out of the car because I didn’t want anyone to blame me. ‘ ”

Meanwhile, the deputy spotted another bag of methamphetamine in the driver’s side door handle of the car. The MP retrieved it, handcuffed the man and, the report added, found “other toys similar to this one” near the building. Soon the man’s mother, 70, was released from prison and she too was detained. When asked who owned the meth, they blamed each other. Both were charged with drug possession.

Shipments: A full-size red car, a Chevy Camaro, sped past Monroe’s deputy sheriff on Interstate 75 late one night in early January. The car was traveling at 115 mph. The deputy fled afterwards. The driver, a 39-year-old man from southern Houston County, stopped at a weigh station on the north side of Forsyth. One of the first things he did, perhaps in an effort to win good favor, was to let out the pro-police slogan, “Back the blue.” It didn’t help much. The deputy noticed that the individual smelled of alcohol. The driver said someone on the freeway tried to get him to run and that, as a report on the Jan. 9 incident noted, “the only reason he entered (the) station was weighing was to “take a flight”. ” The man said he hadn’t been drinking and the alcohol smell must have been from when he had been drinking the night before. On his way to jail after failed field sobriety tests, he wondered why “my radar detector did not go off.” The MP enlightened him: “I was using a laser. . . . A woman at a house on High Falls Road in northern Monroe County reported that a man who was angry with her for not returning her car hit her front door with a hammer and, as the noted a report from the sheriff, “set his hot tub on fire.”

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