Small car parked on yellow lines in Portsmouth struck with a penalty charge notice by the board in a fun gesture


Law enforcement officers spotted the small green car parked on Durban Road, Fratton, next to Kingston Cemetery on Monday last week.

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They then placed a penalty charge notice on the sports vehicle – much to the astonishment of locals, one of whom later posted photos on The News’s Breaking News and Incidents Facebook page.

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A small car was jokingly given a penalty notice for parking on the yellow lines of Durban Road, Fratton. Photo: John Day.

Portsmouth City Council revealed that the car was fined as a joke.

“It was a light response from one of our civil law enforcement officers to the sight of the small car parked on double yellow lines, intended to bring a smile to the owner and passers-by, which seems to have was the case given the comments on Facebook. ” said a spokesperson.

“We hope the child gets their toy back very soon and will be happy to hear that there is no fine to pay, but we recommend keeping small cars off the roads and yellow lines.”

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron

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