Sex toy brand Ricky is launching a Kinder-inspired Easter egg

The sex toy brand has released an adult version of the fan-favorite Kinder Eggs where you can collect one of five sexy toys available.

An Easter egg with more than a chocolate surprise

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the next big holiday to look forward to is Easter, in April.

For foodies Easter is the party to indulge in, and with so many delicious treats on offer, from chocolate to hot rolls – so fair to say we often overdo it.

Customers who want to taste chocolate with a touch of originality are in luck.

Manufacturer of adult toys, launched the perfect gift for chocolate lovers and pleasure seekers.

the Ricky Love Surprise Egg is a luxurious milk chocolate Easter egg, just like the ones we all know and love, however, it contains one of five surprise collectible sex toys inside.

This Easter surprise retails for £49.95 including free delivery and is a great alternative to the adorable Kinder egg – but no children are allowed here.

Ricky Love Surprise Egg

Enjoy a milk chocolate surprise with a twist. This egg is ideal for pleasure seekers and includes one of five vibrators available for mind-blowing sensations.

Ricky’s Ultimate Night In Bundle

This set includes two Ricky Original vibrators – which contain very good vibrations, as well as a cleaning liquid and a lubricant.

Handcrafted in the UK, using the highest quality ingredients to make this a real egg treat that lasts beyond melted cocoa.

Customers can experience true luxury and devour the super thick egg, made from 275g of premium Swiss chocolate – how delicious does that sound?

Each egg includes a fully rechargeable surprise vibrator and also comes with its own charging cable.

With five different toys to collect, including a ball, a couple’s toy and a bunny-shaped stimulator, the Ricky Love Egg Surprise makes for a truly unforgettable Easter extravaganza.

This is an Easter egg with more than a chocolate surprise



Each Kinder inspired egg also comes with an embossed greeting card and envelope, perfect for gift giving. Luckily, everything also comes in discreet packaging, with no mention of the adult toy brand or what’s inside the package.

While the contents of each egg are kept secret, users can choose whether their surprise toy is best suited for a female or male recipient.

Ricky initially created 300 eggs in 2020, launching the product as a pilot to test demand – the range quickly sold out in less than two weeks, with many people buying several, likely hoping to get one mix of collectible adult toys.

Tracey Coates, Ricky’s Sexual Wellness Expert, commented on the product launch: “The Ricky Love Egg Surprise turned out to be one of our bestsellers, so it was a unanimous decision to bring this product back. . It’s the only chocolate egg in the world to contain a vibrant surprise, after all.”

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