Scottish dad takes incredible photos of his son’s toy car in scenic locations lockdown daily


An avid daddy and die-hard model car enthusiast completed his task by taking his son’s Hot Wheels to scenic places in Scotland every day for a year.

In an effort to beat the lockdown blues, Ross Burns began posting a photo to Instagram of one of Daniel’s extensive collections last year.

The 41-year-old has now registered over 250 Daniel’s cars on the Scot.Wheels account for each of the past 365 days.

His photos have been taken in and around the capital, including Calton Hill, Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Bridge.

And the Edinburgh Napier University worker made sure to use the full extent of his five-year-old son’s collection with Lambos, Volvos, Land Rovers and more.

Ross Burns with his son Daniel

Ross said: “I loved Matchbox cars when I was his age and I quickly started to become obsessed with his growing collection.

“To make sure I was out for a walk every day, I started getting out of a car and taking some pictures with my phone.

“After a few weeks, I challenged myself to do it for a full year and am delighted that I have now completed it.

“It’s been great for my sanity during the various lockdowns, especially the one at the start of this year – going out and taking a picture of a car gave me purpose and a creative outlet every day.”

By posting one photo per day on Instagram under the Scot.Wheels handle, the images retrace the four seasons and a city in and out of containment.

Ross’s most popular image is of a Land Rover Defender 90 reflected on the water in Leith.

He said: “I took a few pictures where the car is reflected in the water and people love them.

“The Land Rover in particular is popular because it is one of the most realistic cars.”

Due to lockdown restrictions, the vast majority of photos are from Edinburgh, but Ross and his family escaped to Fife last month for a vacation in Lower Largo.

Ross used sets such as Calton Hill, Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Bridge
Ross used sets such as Calton Hill, Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Bridge

He added: “We had wonderful weather and the beach made a great background for the cars.

“A rugged blue Ford Bronco looked fantastic on the rocks by the sea.”

Now that he’s hit his one-photo-a-day goal for a year and has racked up over 20,000 likes in the process, Ross intends to keep going but take it easy. ‘accelerator.

“I will continue to take pictures of cars but I will not force myself to do it every day.

“I’m going to aim for quality over quantity and I hope as we can travel more I will explore fantastic new parameters with wonderful new cars.”

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