Scot pleads to find the little boy he gave a toy car to as a child after his Christmas presents were stolen


A Scotsman seeks help in locating another little boy who was in the same photo and newspaper article as him almost 60 years ago.

Stephen Findlay, of Bishopbriggs, found photographs of himself as a child, offering toys to a little boy named George Murray after his family was stolen as Christmas approached.

Now 64, Stephen is hoping to reunite with the other man, who he says is now around 61 or 62, so he can share the photos with him as well.

“A few months ago, I was sorting through old photographs of my own children when I came across these four large black and white prints,” Stephen explained.

“It kind of refreshed my memory of the story, although at the time I couldn’t remember exactly what had happened.”

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Little George (left) accepts her new toy from young Stephen

Checking the backs of the photographs he found a red stamp marked “Daily Record, November 1961”.

He then decided to send a letter to the Daily Record archives, with a copy of the photos and asked if they could perhaps help find the story.

Stephen was delighted when they reconnected, he said: “The lovely lady of the Record was even kind enough to send me a hard copy of the original article.”

Armed with the new information and the article after nearly 60 years, he was able to piece together the whole story and how he thinks it could have happened.

He explained, “I had a big operation when I was a kid and it was pretty much a life and death decision that my mom and dad had to make to move forward. I remember. to have been in the hospital for quite a long time. “

The story then caught the attention of an STV program called One O’clock Gang, with well-known Scottish comedians and actresses such as Larry Marshall and Dorothy Paul, which featured a section on her mother deciding to go from there. ‘forward with this rescue. operation and how it ended in success.

Stephen added: “And that’s where all these toys started to come in, strangers wishing me good luck for the future.

“I think the original idea for the story with the other boy named George then came from my cousin Len Findlay, who was a sports reporter for the Daily Record at the time.

The original article as it appeared in the Record in 1961
The original article as it appeared in the Record in 1961

“I think he might have seen the original story of the little guy’s family house being broken into and all of his toys taken from him. And I think that led Len to contact my parents. to ask if I could share some of those that I ‘was given with him?’

The original article, which shows a photo of four-year-old Stephen sharing his toys with 18-month-old George, revealed that George’s family, who lived in Whiteinch at the time, were broken into after a thief at the cold heart broke into their house. and stole clothes and the little toddler’s Christmas present – a white rocking horse.

The older boy can be seen watching in the photo, as little George enjoys playing on the new toy horse and the set of toy cars he was given.

Stephen, who now works at Marks and Spencers in Bishopbriggs, then decided to try and follow George on social media, but quickly ran into a brick wall.

He added: “I don’t even know if the little guy is still alive or if his parents are still alive, or if there are relatives there.

“I would like to know what happened to him and his family so that I could pass copies of the photos to family members. I appreciate that this was a shot in the dark, it was a Christmas story. in 1961, but it would be nice to see what has become of the two of us.

“The story also has a bit of history for his family, they may not have seen these photographs before and I would like to share this memory with them.”

If you think you know the other boy in the picture, George Murray, contact us at [email protected]

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