Ryan Tubridy keeps his promise to visit Toy Show’s Adam King

Ryan Tubridy has finally kept his promise to visit the house of The Last Toy Show star, Adam King.

Eight-year-old Adam, who has brittle bone disease, stole the nation’s heart during the toy fair in 2020. Due to the Covid pandemic, the two friends couldn’t hug, and so instead Adam held up a homemade heart-shaped sign with the phrase “A Hug For You” written on it.

Saddened by the Covid restrictions, Ryan promised Adam that one day he would visit Adam’s family home in Cork for a real hug. On Sunday, the 49-year-old arrived at the King house and received the warmest of welcomes.

In addition to sharing hugs, the two friends shared cake, swings and trampolines!

On Adam’s official Instagram account, a video montage of Ryan’s visit has been posted, which shows the couple having endless fun together.

“Well, we just had the best day of our lives today….”, the caption read.

Credit: Adam King Adventures Instagram

“Many thanks to Ryan @instatubridy for taking the time to call to see Adam and family today with Ailish & Siobhán to air the @rteradio1 show from Cork tomorrow,” Adam’s family wrote gratefully. .

Adam’s family reiterated the bond that formed with The late show host. “Adam and Ryan have truly become best friends since the @latelaterte #ToyShow and today was another wonderful reminder of that.”

“There were cakes, trampolines, swings and talks about sports, history, life and all good things. We can neither confirm nor deny that Ryan threw up on the trampoline,” the family joked with teasing emojis.

Credit: Adam King Adventures Instagram

“A day that will remain in the memory for a very long time. Thanks Ryan and big hugs from all of us,” Adam’s family concluded.

After appearing on the hit RTÉ show, Adam’s ‘A Hug For You’ sign has become a national symbol of love and hope. He and his family used its popularity for good by creating greeting cards and postage stamps based on the sign, with all proceeds going to children’s charities.

Adam and his family continue to share his story through their organization, Adam King Adventures.

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