Portland’s annual road race gives Toy Fund a boost

The organizers of the Portland Thanksgiving Day 4 Miler know a thing or two about holiday traditions and children’s morale.

More than 1,000 runners take part in the running of the streets of downtown Portland each year. While the adult course is four miles, the popular children’s course is a 1 kilometer course. It has become an annual fall runners reunion and a friendly warm-up before all family reunions and feasts.

Proceeds from the event are used to help local charities such as Partners for World Health, Portland Trails and others. And this year, organizers shared $ 1,000 of those proceeds with the Press Herald Toy Fund, another local institution that brings joy to children during the holidays.

Long-time executive director of the toy fund, Kathleen Meade, said she had no recollection of ever receiving a donation from road racing. And, she said, the generous gift has been greatly appreciated as the 72-year-old toy fund sprints to the finish line of its annual fundraising campaign.

Meade said donations continue to flow and more is needed as the toy fund scrambles to deliver gifts to all the families who have asked for help.

Donations from readers of the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram, The Sun Journal in Lewiston and The Times Record in Brunswick enable the toy fund to deliver gifts to thousands of children in need in York counties, Cumberland , Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Androscoggin and Knox. To help you, go to pressherald.com/toy-fund.


In loving memory of my husband Ted Brissette I miss you Evelyn $ 150
Paul and Paula Schonewolf $ 150
In memory of Tyler Hallett, who loved Christmas so much, Scott & Jayne (Hallett) Munson $ 250
In memory of our moms, Kay and Jean $ 100
Lisa $ 50
In memory of Clyde and Leone Burnell $ 50
Tristan disappeared… all year round. Love, Susan and Michael $ 50
George P. Lessard $ 100
In loving memory of Roman Maxsimic, Kathy, Tessa and Kara $ 50
In memory of Harry Burnham, who loved children and having fun! From Ted Baltas $ 50
In Memory of Rita Baltas, Ted Baltas $ 50
In honor of the late Hank, Ted and Walter $ 35
In memory of Joanne and Arthur LaRochelle (Nanny & Papa), your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren $ 200
In memory of Bob Barrows, Cheryl Nanos and Frank & Jane Nanos. Merry Christmas with love, we miss you. Becky and Madison $ 100
In loving memory of all members of the family. Cliff & Sherry Colville $ 200
The spirit of Christmas! $ 200
In memory of Ann Rosen who loved giving this fund $ 100
Steve, Fiona and Henry $ 40
Walter Spencer $ 100
In loving memory of the Reverend and Mrs. Robert Haldane Sr. and our beloved Bentley. Merry Christmas! Dave and Cathy $ 100
In loving memory of our parents Robert & Elizabeth Sawtelle and Daniel & Camilla Bellino, Merry Christmas! Dave and Cathy $ 100
Peter and Kristen Lemay $ 50
In memory of Nanny Alice and Nana Joan $ 200
Anonymous $ 100
Charles and Gail Mason $ 100
In loving memory of Arthur and Nancy Gilbert, my Christmas past! Love, Debbie $ 50
In loving memory of our Christmas Angel, Adrienne Harris. Love, Mom and Dad $ 50
Anonymous $ 40
In memory of Joseph E. Poulin $ 40
Anonymous $ 500
Merry Christmas! Debbie Henry $ 50
In memory of my late mother-in-law, Janice Marie Muehle $ 40
In memory of my mother, Marilyn Marie Heald $ 40
Anonymous $ 75
Michael Record $ 25
In loving memory of my father, David A. Wheatland, Becky $ 100
Happy holidays! Pine State Elevator $ 500
Janice Brackett $ 20
A small amount but for a big smile on a child! Sandy and Ed L. $ 20
In memory of Jeremy, who loved Christmas! Deb G. $ 100
In memory of Papa / Papa Palombo. I miss you everyday! The Clement family $ 100
In honor of Bill and Elise Hunnewell, from John $ 50
In loving memory of Charlotte and John LaCrosse, Mimi $ 100
Anonymous $ 100
John and Lynda Wilson $ 100
Thank you for spreading the holiday spirit $ 1,500
Anonymous $ 50
In honor of mom and dad, # 2 of 12 C $ 120
In memory of our generous Uncle Al, of Bernadette Pesce $ 25
Merry Christmas from Ian and Leslie Leishman $ 100
In memory of my sisters, Diana, Christine & Carol, from Charlie & Cathy Toppi $ 50
Anna Cameron $ 25
Anonymous $ 100
Anonymous $ 500
In Memory of Joe Bernier $ 200
Redhunts $ 100
In memory of Dan and Joséphine DiMatteo, of Daniel DiMatteo $ 150
In loving memory of Richard O’Leary, Michael, Mark & ​​Terry $ 1,706
Stephen Hammond $ 1,000
Grammy / Gigi XO $ 100
Merry Christmas everyone and a happy and healthy 2022! Rick and Janet Wolf $ 50
Barry & Pat Unnold $ 500
In memory of Judy Curran, Dad, Mom and Randy Mooers who all made Christmas special! $ 50
In memory of Buckwheat, Cheetah-bop, Zeus, Murph-the-Surf, Muffin, Sammy, Pugslie & Crouton. Merry Christmas on the Rainbow Bridge! $ 50
Portland Thanksgiving Day 4 Miler $ 1,000
Anonymous $ 500
Steve, Sue and Charlie $ 30
In honor of Mr. Dan, who drives the 31 bus in Scarborough, Amelia and Liam Odlin $ 50
Anonymous $ 20
Anonymous $ 100

TOTAL TO DATE: $ 173,486.53

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