‘On the run’ Somerset toddler arrested by police in small car

Avon and Somerset Police shined a light on their humorous side today – posting video of a police chase involving one of their vehicles and a child in a toy car.

The ‘incident’ involves a toddler presenting cops with fake documents after a traffic stop in 2020.

The video, provided by the Mendip Neighborhood Police Squad, shows the vehicle following the child as he drives away down the sidewalk. Police said that after asking for his driver’s license he handed over one which later turned out to be “written in pencil”.

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The post read: “A toddler was found guilty in court today of driving with false documents. Following a high-speed chase and roadside stop in 2020, a driver’s license was produced which later turned out to be written in pencil.

‘The Wells driver appeared in trial court this week and was sentenced to four hours for the naughty step. A spokesperson for the Wells Neighborhood Police Team said: ‘The vehicle was spotted on Burcott Road, driving at unimaginable speeds while simultaneously swerving into the public. Quick thinking by local officers halted the pursuit, averting further risk to the residents of Wells.”

“A little reminder that your local police teams are human and they also have a laugh from time to time. Thank you to the people of Mendip who continue to work with pleasure. Enjoy your day and stay safe.”

The video was well received, with residents showing their satisfaction. One user, Lesley Alldridge, replied: ‘Love, well done to these officers, great to see them with a sense of humour’.

Another, Toby French, said: “Clearly high on sweets!”

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