Oh, to be a toy car in a very elaborate Hot Wheels track

It's a great day to be a small car.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you have no idea that the new day dawning before you will make you think of thoughts like “Boy, that would be really awesome to be a little race car”.

And yet, thanks to the creation of the most elaborate Hot Wheels race track we’ve seen to date, we’re burning with envy at pure joy that a little piece of Mattel has been born. plastic is allowed to experience.

In a video better looked sitting at your official Hot Wheels personal computerYoutube channel Backyard races shows its “Aquapark Track” by filming a small car driving through it from a first-person perspective.

The track starts with a roller coaster ride through a tunnel made out of Popsicle sticks, which is fun enough on its own, but it gets cooler as the car dives down a slide. From there, everything is hits. There is a waterfall that feeds the trail. There’s a rope and waterwheel setup that pulls the car up a steep incline. There is a plastic bucket elevator system. There’s also, at one point, a dog lying next to the set, watching the car zoom around with the majesty of a benevolent god.

While we saw people going to absurd lengths for make elaborate Hot Wheels Videos before (including a studio that even wants to free a whole movie about them), none reached the greatness of the Backyard Racing track. None made us wait, like we never dreamed before, to meet a friendly wizard ready to cast a spell that turns us into a miniature car so that we, too, can experience the thrills of this racetrack.


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