NECA Alien Vs Predator Arcade Game Xenos, Movie Style

Toy review: NECA Alien Vs Predator Arcade Game Xenos, movie style

Now this is the way to repaint. When NECA initially made action figures based on the Extraterrestrial vs. Predator drawings of creatures from arcade games, they painted them in a cel-shading style to look like the actual game screen. The initial version – at least on the Alien side – sold out quickly. So now the three xenomorphs created by the game are on their way back. This time around, however, they’re available in darker, more washed-out colors, covered in a glossy, wet finish. The idea being, what if these versions actually appeared in a movie? What would the “realistic” versions look like?

The game’s Predators haven’t undergone such a drastic overhaul, and the Human Two-Pack is probably still in stock in most places. So maybe don’t hold your breath for some realistic takes on them.

Even the packaging imagines them appearing in Aliens, just in case customers think their minds are playing tricks on them. I wonder why no one has seen Chrysalis Alien, Razor Claws Alien or Arachnoid Alien in the James Cameron movie? Because it only happened in an alternate universe of NECA’s imagination. And maybe yours too.

Figures come in window box packaging, which is simpler than the company’s Ultimates. But if anyone thinks that means the price is going down, think again. All three may be available as a set on various websites, with Earth’s Entertainment $ 119.99 close to average. (Superhero Hype has an affiliate partnership with Entertainment Earth and may earn fees based on purchases through site links.) It’s $ 40 per figure, which at this point is becoming the norm for NECA. Buyers can accept it or not; this obviously goes down more easily for buyers who did not have the figures before. If Super7 ever gets the rights to make exact 7-inch scale replicas of the ’90s Kenner toys, we know they’ll cost $ 55.

The packaging uses a plethora of plastic shirt ties, which are probably less expensive than twisted wires. Although many collectors complained about them, the upside was that they could be undone by hand, by anyone. These can be withdrawn, but that requires strength and induces a step backwards. Use a nail clipper or scissors. Due to the way the ties fit in the tails, Chrysalis and Razor Claws have their tail tips warped. Hot water can be helpful in reshaping them.

And in fact, at least on our samples sent by NECA, many joints seem tight enough to be scary. Freezers or hot water can come in handy when trying to create the perfect pose or playing harder with them. They’re marked for ages 17 and over on packaging, but we all know it’s mostly distraught parents who shop at Walmart and Target don’t sue. Most collectible figure buyers these days are already checking this over 17 box anyway.

Although they are muted, the basic color schemes on these xenomorphs remain the same. Razor Claws gets purple highlights, Arachnoid is basically blue, and Chrysalis has bronzed highlights. Each also uses different basic body parts. Without having all of the Alien NECAs on hand, it’s hard to determine which number gets which. Razor Claws appears to use classic “Big Chap” body parts, Chrysalis looks similar to Gorilla, and Arachnoid uses Dog Alien’s body, but not his more canine hind legs.

Arachnoid is not particularly “arachnoid”. It still has four limbs and a predominantly mammalian body form. But he can crawl or stand up straight.

If the xenomorphs adopt the characteristics of their hosts, Razor Claws must have incubated inside Freddy Krueger. Or whatever the packaging bio said about how the bone deposits were aimed at hardening the shell of a Chrysalis Alien that got into the nails instead, blah blah blah. Create your own headcanon. It just looks cool.


Chrysalis has a mini-action function. In addition to his inner jaws that pop out when the lower hinge teeth open – a hallmark of every NECA alien – he has an inner head that pops out as well. As the Alien resurrection Newborn, he has a face that gives him a strangely human vibe underneath it all.

Hide it if you prefer. It can slip behind the shell.

As with the other xenomorphs at NECA, we are talking about a 7 inch scale. Wonder Woman was right on hand for comparison. Although, again, they cost twice as much as it does. NECA’s numbers have jumped from $ 20 to almost $ 40 with shocking speed, but with Hasbro now charging $ 31.99 for a 6-inch Boba Fett figure, get used to the new normal. How McFarlane still fares with DC $ 19.99 figures remains a mystery, but don’t expect it to last. We’re in an ironic mid-ride phase where repaints of figurines you already own cost more than the originals. The most likely result is fewer complete collectors, leading to fewer obscure characters. Except in lines like TMNT, where fans are constantly proving that they will buy everything. At all costs.

As mentioned before, some pivot points on these seem so stiff that forcing may not work. On Razor Claws, some on the other hand feel more cowardly. but the basic rundown on each of them is as follows: ball neck (more scope on Arachnoid, for double postures). Shoulders and hips ball. Mid-chest ball. Double ball and hinged elbows. Single ball, double hinged knees. Curved tail. Disc and pin cuffs. Toggle hinge and pegs. Half-foot and half-hand hinges. Articulated jaw with removable inner jaw. They can go into most of the poses you need.

At a price of $ 40, we could hope for a few more accessories, since they are repainted. But realistically, what would they be – more face repaints and eggs? Economy aside, these are high-end Alien numbers, caught in an uptrend. And apparently limited, so this price will only increase. If you even think you want them, suck it up and pre-order now.

Take a look at the gallery below for many more images.

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