Modified Fisher-Price Toy Controller Into Working Xbox Controller

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn controller is designed to help children over six months learn their shapes and colors, but it doesn’t let them play kid-friendly dishes like New Super Lucky Tale (or adult rated games for that matter). This oversight was corrected thanks to controller modder @Rudeism, who took the toy and turned it into a fully functional Xbox controller! It still has all the kid-friendly sounds intact, and the only physical change to the exterior of the toy is a USB port that’s been added to the top. The custom work was inspired by a Tweet joke from @Wario64 and led to an actual work design.

A video of the Fisher-Price controller playing Ring of Elden can be found in the embedded Tweet below.

Although the clip above is the only one @Rudeism has shared from the controller so far, the creator says he plans to beat Ring of Elden with it, “no summoning no co-op.” He also thought about learning how to speed up a game using the Fisher-Price controller for Awesome Games Done Quick. It’s unclear if either of these goals are serious, but it would be pretty awesome to see!

Unsurprisingly, the controller got a lot of attention on social media, and even current and former Xbox employees took notice. Seamus Blackley, the creator and designer of the original Xbox console and Duke controller dubbed it “BabyDuke”, praising the project’s “spirit, craftsmanship and humor”. on Twitter. Xbox’s Larry Hyrb also chimed in, offering similar praise.

It’s always cool to see the ingenuity of video game fans, and what they can do when inspiration strikes! @Rudeism considers itself a “weird controller builder”. Readers interested in seeing what else he can do can check out his videos on his YouTube page, which can be found here, and on his Twitch channel here.

What do you think of this Fisher-Price Xbox controller mod? Are you impressed with @Rudeism’s latest creation? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk about all things gaming!

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