Matchbox Toy Car Storage Showcase Shelves Organizer Bins for Toys from Tidy Treasures Teaches Kids to Clean Up After Themselves

Brisbane, Australia, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rising storage brand, Tidy Treasures is working on unique open storage solutions for kids that balance the fun of play with the importance of order. The company’s flagship product, the Matchbox Toy Car Storage Display Truck, is a striking and unique wooden storage bin that puts “the play on the stage”. Parents can securely mount it on the wall or use it as a free-standing unit to meet room decor and functionality needs.

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“Neuroscience-based studies show that developing good or bad habits is a critical part of the direction you take in life. Most of the outcomes of our lives have been determined by a series of small decisions that happen. turned into habits”, explains Conor Brenan, the company’s chief spokesperson. “Setting your child up early with good habits and decision-making will have positive effects on the later decisions they make in life.”

With this in mind, the company has developed its Tidy Habits and Car Sticker Pack (included with every Matchbox car display truck purchase) to help parents reinforce their children’s tidying habits by routine and order. Each pack contains a race sheet and 30 car stickers, each with a positive affirmation. shares the basics of Habit Loopthe framework for understanding how habits are formed:

  • Tail. The signal of a habit is anything that triggers the behavior. It can be anything a person associates with performing the action. These contextual factors have a powerful effect on one’s behavior.
  • Routine. It is the behavior that a person wants to change or reinforce.
  • The reward. The reward is the positive reinforcement a person gets for performing the behavior. This is why action has become a habit.

In this case, when the play time with the cars is over, the parents encourage their child to change their behavior with a reward. The routine of storing all the cars in the toy storage shelves results in the reward of choosing a sticker to put on the racetrack in Tidy Habits. After 30 days, the child collects all the car stickers, wins the Tidy Habit race, and forms tidy habits. Over time, the consistent behavioral pattern for tidying up leads to feelings of personal accomplishment with a tidy space.

the toy car storage truck comes fully assembled and ready to use straight from the box to the delight of busy parents. Each toy car storage display kit is suitable for ages three and up and contains:

  • A detailed wooden truck design that can be painted or stained to match any room style.
  • A total of 48 storage spaces.
  • Hardware for wall mounting and landing gear stabilizers for freestanding use.
  • Alphabet letter tiles with multiple letters for customization.
  • The Tidy Habits pack with a set of car stickers can be personalized with a name and birthday.

The company adheres to high quality standards while remaining environmentally conscious, using only sustainably sourced and responsibly sourced materials for FSC-certified products and packaging.

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Contact Name: Conor Brenan

Phone: +61431414093

Contact email: [email protected]

About Tidy Treasures

At Tidy Treasures, we develop products that store your child’s most treasured items. We make storage spaces for happy faces 😊.

We believe in the balance between play and order. That’s why our products are developed to be interactive with your child’s play. They’re designed to help connect playtime with tidying up afterwards.

We make tidying up a breeze!

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