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FAIRMONT – The Marion County Christmas toy store is approaching its opening in November and two big contributions bring it closer to its donation goal.

Christmas toy store volunteers gathered at the Marion County polling center on Tuesday to discuss progress and logistics as they wrap up on toy distribution day later this month.

During the meeting, members announced two major donations. Fairmont First Presbyterian Church will donate $ 2,000 and Pittsburgh-based natural gas company EQT will donate $ 3,000. All the money will go towards the purchase of toys to give as a gift.

The electoral center is almost empty now with only a corner full of toys. Between now and November 27, the building will be filled with gifts of all kinds to distribute to families who might not otherwise have Christmas.

Enrollment forms are distributed to all schools in the county and must be returned to the school by November 12th.

Toy store manager Butch Tennant said the two upcoming donations along with an impending donation from the county school board will certainly push the store past its 2021 goal of $ 20,000.

“I would say the goal is within reach,” Tennant said. “We see the end of the tunnel. “

Currently, the Toy Shop has raised over $ 6,000, not counting the two donations announced on Tuesday. Last year, the school board donated approximately $ 8,000, if its total is similar this year, which will bring the toy store closer to its goal.

The money is entirely donated to the Toy Pickers of the Toy Shop, who buy the toys that will be distributed. One of the pickers, Janet Chittum, said she shopped year round for toys for the children.

“My basement is totally full of toys, next week a county man is going to bring them to the electoral center,” Chittum said. “It’s my Christmas, buy some toys and see these kids have a good Christmas.”

Toy Shop co-founder DD Meighen said he appreciates how volunteers are able to stretch a dollar into five.

“We have three great buyers – they’ll be able to take the money we’ve raised and turn it into a lot more toys,” Meighen said. “You’ve heard of the multiplication of the loaves and the fish, well, it’s the multiplication of the dollars. “

Meighen said the pandemic has made life difficult for all kinds of people, but it has also opened the hearts of the community and brought many people together around this cause over the past year. He said he expects the same this year.

“Everyone wants to make sure everyone is helped as much as possible. It led to a flood of generosity, ”Meighen said. “I think it shows in the donations we have received. I think people are in the mood to help others so that everyone can have a decent Christmas. “

The toy store always receives donations of toys or money. The electoral center will be open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. so anyone can stop by and drop off donations. For more information, call Butch Tennant at 304-203-8385.

The Marion County Family Resource Network sells custom Christmas decorations for toy store donations of $ 5 or more. Contact them at 304-366-4445.

The toy store is also looking for volunteers to sort the toys or to work during the giveaway later this month. For more information on volunteering, call Sharon Burrows at 304-657-6853.

The toy store will operate as a drive-through pickup event on Saturday, November 27 at 3 p.m. at the Marion County Election Center. Any child 13 and under can qualify for the program after first enrolling in their school.

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