Man takes toy car use to new levels


A viral video of a guy making good use of a small car shows us that anything is possible …

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In Durban we are used to visiting the beach and seeing kids walking the promenade with their toy cars.

Admittedly, it’s cute to see them zoom in, vigorously turn the wheel with excitement. It’s innocent fun and we love to see it knowing full well that these kids don’t really drive and of course it’s just on the ride.

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Then we see this video of an adult using what looks like one of these little cars as a form of transportation. We’ve heard of innovation when it comes to auto fanatics, but it takes things to a new level of ‘crazy things we’ve seen on the road’.

It’s not in South Africa, but we’re sure there is a South African who has tried this. There have certainly been some modifications with his car, because when he goes up you can see that his feet are touching the ground first. Fred Flintstone, is that you?

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Watch the video below (courtesy of Twitter):

I’m guessing this Twitter user is on something here. She suggested that we turn these cars into lawn mowers so the kids can have fun while tending to the lawn.

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