Man filmed driving children’s toy car on busy road in bizarre video

Video of a man getting into a small motorized children’s car before calmly driving down a busy main road has caused social media to collapse.

The clip, which was first posted to Twitter by @ooh_she_creole, shows the man walking towards a rickety-looking black and white vehicle.

After a few minutes of tinkering with something in the back, the car’s engine comes to life, the man cramming inside the vehicle before quickly running away.

While careful to look both ways before entering the main freeway, any safety concerns begin and end there with the potential motorist remaining dangerously exposed in the event of an accident.

“It’s official, I’ve seen it all,” read the caption accompanying the video.

In the footage, a woman can be heard asking in disbelief, “Is he going to take off with this?” as the man, dressed in a black hoodie, jeans and baseball cap, walks over to the children’s toy.

Moments later, he’s in the car and on his way, much to the audible amusement of those watching in the background as the video is being filmed.

First posted to Twitter on August 8, the astonishing clip has racked up more than 7.4 million views and has counted since its debut on the platform.

Responses to the video turned out to be varied to say the least.

For many, the Man’s Little Car was something akin to an actual version of a popular Nintendo arcade racing game.

“I need all of my friends to have one so we can play Mario Kart,” commented @MashaylaNicolee.

Some were impressed with the car’s speed and handling.

“Dipped into traffic too,” @veterans_i wrote, with the original @ooh_she_creole poster agreeing “At the speed of a regular car !! blew me away lol.”

Others, meanwhile, shared similar clips of young men driving through busy city roads behind the wheel of miniature cars apparently designed for children.

However, some have warned of the danger posed by such vehicles.

Twitter user @geonal wrote: “The issue is never size, but rather the consideration of safety to comply with the laws of physics.”

“It’s great fun, until, during the movement, you hit something at 50 mph and your body becomes the shield of the car,” they added. “A bigger vehicle is built to protect you, instead.”

Meanwhile, @Marclappin warned that “this is just the very beginning of some weird, homemade illegal EVs. Hold on.”

Despite the obvious dangers and the fact that its use on a main road represented a kind of legal gray area, many were impressed with the human wheels.

“Guess who doesn’t walk OR pay for auto insurance but still get from point A to point B,” @stewiefreeman wrote. “I see you bro.”

According to an eagle-eyed bystander, the car was filmed driving in South Bend, Indiana. They came to this conclusion after spotting a moving truck sporting the area code 574 that appears near the end of the clip.

Several people have also speculated, based on the actions of the driver in the back of the car at the start of the video, that the vehicle was in fact gasoline powered and equipped with a lawnmower-type recoil starter.

News week contacted the original poster for comment.

A photo of a boy driving a toy car on a road – a similar scene unfolded in a new viral video, but this time it involved an adult motorist.
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