Malibu Barbie: A children’s toy or the new internet drama?

While one side of the internet mourned the loss of an international icon, Queen Elizabeth II, another kind of icon was rising on the Twitter trending page: Trisha Paytas.

The ever-dramatic Youtuber and influencer posted that she gave birth around the same time the internet learned the Queen had died. This started a viral rumor: Trisha Paytas was going to give birth to the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II.

While the rumor started in February 2022 when Paytas announced her pregnancy on Tik Tok with people joking that the Queen was “holding her life dear” not to be reincarnated as Trisha’s newborn baby, the rumor seemed to come to life. when Paytas revealed she was a centimeter dialed. Rumor has it that she had her child, naming him Elizabeth.

“[The rumor was] she named her Elizabeth like she was reincarnated,” said freshman pre-nursing student Kayla Boyd. “I was like, ‘We’re going to have World War III. This is the start of the madness.”

However, the rumor was debunked when Paytas posted that she had in fact not delivered her child yet, amid internet speculation. While the attention has quieted around her pregnancy, she has instead accelerated it when the child is actually born – she named her newborn daughter Malibu Barbie.

“I thought it was a joke at first,” Boyd said. “I thought it was like a cover name and she just wasn’t sharing the baby’s name with the public. I was like, ‘That’s a joke.’ Then I realized that was not the case.

However, with Paytas’ love of Barbie pink and blonde hair, some thought it suited the influencer.

“I actually think it’s really appropriate for who she is, like I couldn’t have thought of anything better,” sophomore film student Kearsten Little Ankofski said.

International relations junior Salina Voegtly explained that with Paytas’ unusual behavior, influencer status and personality, she couldn’t have picked a better name.

“Malibu and Barbie may be two separate names,” Voegtly said. “I think people forget that Barbie is short for Barbara, which was a very popular name before any of us were born. Nowadays it’s a nickname. There are so many options there and it’s really cute I think people just forget they’re legit names when you put them together…it’s really creative.

With many controversies surrounding the internet star, such as keeping problematic friends like the Vlog Squad and Shane Dawson, or saying several insensitive things, many aren’t sure she’s capable of being undone with the fame she has. has.

“In my opinion, like when it comes to…cancelling people, I don’t really like to believe it,” Ankofski said. “I understand that some people are bad, and they shouldn’t have a platform and I think relying more on people to stop supporting them than sending a bunch of hate, because that doesn’t hurt them. won’t want to stop.

Boyd said these controversies get clicks, making Paytas more money every time they do something interesting.

“I think she’s very good at using the internet and she’s a businesswoman,” Voegtly said. “I’m not a fan of the way she does it. I know a lot of people are.”

Voegtly thinks Paytas could turn over a new leaf if this new controversy is his worst right now.

“I just haven’t seen her on the news that often,” Voegtly said. “I think motherhood might change her a little bit, where she has this awareness of what it means to take care of another human being who is a part of you. I think I think that might change her a little bit. and that she might slow down on that stuff.

Paytas isn’t the first celeb to use the weirdest baby name book. Elon Musk and Grimes named their child X Æ A-12. The names of Ed Sheeran’s children are Lyra Anarctica and Jupiter. The Kardashians have a long list of eccentric names: Stormi, Chicago, Psalm and many more.

“I think celebrities have an individuality complex…and I think they really want to feel like…they’re special,” Ankofski said.

Boyd said that since celebrities assume everyone likes them, they can do crazy things and get positive feedback from it.

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