Lauren Ridloff cried the first time she saw her toy


  • Lauren Ridloff was “so emotional” the first time she saw herself as a Marvel action figure.
  • The “TWD” star joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in November’s “Eternals” as Makkari.
  • Ridloff told Insider his boys were “shocked” to see their mother in Lego.

Lauren Ridloff received a huge box in the mail. The “The Walking Dead” actress had no idea what was inside.

“Our whole team was there and we watched everyone open the box,” Ridloff recently told Insider.


It was packed with action figures of her new superhero character, Makkari, whom she plays in the upcoming Marvel film, “Eternals,” which drops on November 5th. Ridloff took time off from “TWD” in its 10th season to join the MCU as the first deaf superhero.

Seeing the numbers was an emotional moment for Ridloff and claimed that she was actually part of a Marvel movie.

“Inside the box I saw the action figure. There were also Lego figures in the box. I cried, I cried. I was so moved,” Ridloff said.

“We had hard evidence that I was now in the MCU and that this was really happening,” Ridloff continued, adding that the role didn’t feel real until she saw Marvel’s physical toys.

Lauren Ridloff in Marvel "Eternal."

Lauren Ridloff in Marvel’s “The Eternals”.

Sophie Mutevelian / Marvel Studios

“I know I had to wear this costume for six months. It was magical. I shot the scenes. I worked with the actors. I know all these things happened, but I’m like: “Is the movie really happening? ‘”, she said, possibly referring to the fact that the release date of” Eternals “has been pushed back twice due to the ongoing pandemic.

In the film, Makkari is an overpowered, super-fast Eternal, who was sent to Earth thousands of years ago to protect him from mysterious creatures called Deviants. According to the film’s production notes, she is the fastest woman in the universe.

“It’s been a long wait,” Ridloff said of “Eternals” finally arriving in theaters. “I feel like no one really believes the movie is actually happening, you know? Until I saw this doll, that’s when I knew. I thought to myself. : ‘It’s real.'”

Hasbro Makkari figurine

The Hasbro Insider figure showed Ridloff to have detachable hands, one of which meant “I love you”.

Kirsten Acuna / Insider

Ridloff’s sons were shocked when she showed them the Lego figure

Once she saw the Makkari figures, Ridloff was eager to show them to his sons.

“My boys, they love Legos,” Ridloff said of his two sons. “My boys [were] actually, I built a different Lego set and said, “Hold on, hold on”. I think you are missing something. “That’s when I brought the Lego figure and my boys were shocked. They were thrilled.”

Eternal Legos

Ridloff’s character is featured in a few different Lego sets, now available. This is one of them that Insider spotted in a Lego store.

Kirsten Acuna / Insider

“They’ve been playing with the Lego pieces, the Makkari pieces, ever since,” Ridloff said.

“Eternals” is in theaters November 5. You can read our review of the film here.

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