Hot Wheels Wooden Toy Car Storage Rack Truck Rack and Trailer Showcase from Tidy Treasures Launches


Brisbane, Australia, May 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tidy Treasures is pleased to announce that its Hot Wheels Storage Truck is now available on Amazon. This toy organizer is suitable for ages three and up and was designed to help them get into the habit of tidying up after playing. Tidy Treasures strongly believes in creating a balance between play and order and offers interactive products that can play a vital role in children’s development.

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“Neuroscience-based studies show that developing good or bad habits is integral to the direction you take in life. Most of the outcomes in our lives have been determined by a series of small decisions that turned into habits. habits and decision-making, there will be positive effects on the subsequent decisions they will make in life, ”said Conor Brennan, the spokesperson for Tidy Treasures. “We don’t just offer a cool storage solution; we want the best for your child in life. After your purchase, there will be more surprises for your child, and as with any surprise, you just have to. ‘to wait and see. “

Constructed of premium hard plywood, the 44 inch toy car transporter of Tidy Treasures can withstand rough handling. The product can hold up to 48 small cars and works as a stand-alone or wall-mounted unit. It comes with a name personalization feature and parents can stain or paint as they like.

The components of the toy car showcase include

  • A fully assembled toy car show truck.
  • Two landing gears for the freestanding option.
  • A packet of alphabet letter tiles with multiple copies of letters.
  • A safety strap and all the hardware for installation.
  • A tidy habit pack with a set of car stickers.

To find out more about Tidy Treasures and its wooden toy car holder, please visit its official website or Amazon storefront.

Name of the contact: Conor Brennan
Contact phone: +61431414093
Contact email: [email protected]

About Tidy Treasures

At Tidy Treasures, we develop products that store your child’s most precious items. We create storage spaces for happy faces.

We believe in the balance between play and order. This is why our products are developed to be interactive with your child’s play. They are designed to promote the link between recreation and storage afterwards.

We make storage a breeze!

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