Hot Wheels Toy Car Cubby Cabinet Organizer Storage Truck Shelf from Tidy Treasures offers two mounting options


Brisbane, Australia, June 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The booming children’s brand, Tidy Treasures, has made an impressive debut on Amazon with its unique and striking organizer of rolling car cabinets. To date, the miniature car organizer has made a big impact with a solid five-star rating. One of the strengths of the product are the two mounting options, allowing users to organize and display their cars according to their personal preferences and needs.

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Parents are very impressed with the two storage truck shelf mounting options. Each set includes two landing gear shaped stabilizer feet for a freestanding option, along with a safety strap and all necessary wall hanging hardware. A customer reports: “It’s so cool! We plan to hang it on the wall but haven’t decided on the location yet. However, as a room standing on the ground, it works very well. The cars are organized and it’s a nice way to display them. “

The commentator goes on to describe: “Very sturdy piece, made of wood and comes with wooden lettering to personalize with your child’s name. No assembly required other than legs and leg attachments which is easy and does not require tools. ”

To the delight of parents, the Toy Storage Cabinet goes beyond just being a toy storage solution. Instead, the company’s products are based on finding a balance between play and order. With the help of a neuroscientist, the brand created a pack of stickers and storage habits to help promote storage habits in children. Based on the “Habit Loop” concept, the reward-based system encourages clean-up after playtime with a sticker that can be placed on the race track.

“Our storage trucks are developed to be interactive with your child’s play as well as to promote storage habits from an early age,” said the brand’s senior spokesperson, Conor Brennan.

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About Tidy Treasures

At Tidy Treasures, we develop products that store your child’s most precious items. We create storage spaces for happy faces. We believe in the balance between play and order. This is why our products are developed to be interactive with your child’s play. They are designed to promote the link between recreation and storage afterwards. We make storage a breeze!

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