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Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular roundup of the coolest toys and merchandise. This week, The Batman descends on Hot Toys for gloriously expensive collectibles, Miles Morales swings for a particular Lego build, and get ready to ThunderCats Ho with your own sword of omens. Check it out!

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hot toys The Batman Batman Deluxe Version 1/6 Scale Figure

He’s vengeful, but also like all good superhero movie stars, he’s now also a Hot Toy. The company’s realistic view of 1:6 scale figures The BatmanBruce Wayne’s version comes with all sorts of gadgets and gadgets, including a grappling hook, batarang and poseable cape, plus assorted accessories for posing, like clues from the Riddler. He also has an unmasked head for maximum Robert Pattinson look, and the masked head itself has three interchangeable mouth plates to give Bruce a range of grimaces. Yes it’s not enough, a deluxe version will come with the wingsuit that Bruce uses to take flight in Gotham during the movie, and if you even have Continued money to blow, there is a light 1:6-up Bat Signal available separately or bundled with the figure that only a Wayne could afford.

Yes this wasn’t enough, the company is also teasing plans to make 6 scale versions of both of the Bruce rides, the Batcycle and the superb, inflated-upgraded version of the Batmobile. The bike is due around the same time as the figure – sometime in the middle of 2023 – but there’s no date (or, thank goodness, price) for the Batmobile yet. [Hot Toys]

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Lego Brick Sketches Iron Man and Miles Morales

Deployment of Lego Chris McVeigh’s Brick Sketches have been mostly sporadic and random, but they’re still worth the wait, especially now that they include characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is not surprising that Iron Man is the first to get the Brick Sketches treatment with a $17 200-piece set, but the $17 214-piece Miles MoralesSpider-Man is a pleasant surprise, featuring the clever use of Lego pieces to create a three-dimensional look on the red hoodie above his head.

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Denuo Novo Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Standard Armor Kit

Have you ever watched a star wars A Stormtrooper cosplayer walks by and wonders what it would cost to buy some armor because you don’t have the skills to build your own? The answer, according to Denuo Novois around $700, assuming you want to look like a First Order Stormtrooperand not like the classic Empire get-at the top. We say nearly $700 because even though it gives you all the white armor pieces, the black neoprene neck seal which sits between the helmet and torso costs an additional $65, while the boots and gloves you’ll need to stock up on. Still, if you don’t know the first thing about vacuum sculpting and forming, it’s not necessarily a lewd way to get yourself a solid costume based on real props used on screen.

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factory entertainment Thundercats The sword of Omens Limited Edition Accessory Replica

Some of the best entertainment of the 80s was based on fantasy swords, from He-Man’s Power Sword, to Voltron’s Blazing Sword, to even out lightsabers in the star wars suites. Swords were always the coolest when turning characters into towering heroes, like the Omen Sword Lion-O wielded in the anime series. ThunderCats. Despite the fact that were having never received a live action movie version of the show, Factory Entertainment now has a Omens Sword IRL Version available for pre-order for $550, with shipping expected within the fall. Its 41 inch stainless steel blade comes with a polished mirror finish, acrylic insert details in the metal handle, an imitation gemstone in the pommel and a display stand based on the ThunderCats’ logo.

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Picture: VTech

VTech KidiGo NexTag

On the one hand, it’s a bit depressing that today’s kids can’t go out and enjoy a simple tag game without an extra electronic element added to make it more appealing. But on the other hand, VTech’s new KigiGo NexTag game looks pretty cool. Available this fall in a four-pack for $45 (up to eight can be used at once), the KidiGo NexTag not only makes it easy to see which player is “this” Thanks to the use of LED lights, the arm-worn accessories actually facilitate over 20 different takes with alternate games like Capture the Flag, Secret Mission Tag, and even Zombie Tag. Each unit uses simple voice commands to explain how each game is played so there’s no playback or apps involved, and they can track other players wirelessly up to a range of 50 yards.

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