Groom’s friend becomes the star of MAFS after taking on a toy store hating villain!

MAFS therefore started with a bang last night!

The first couple presented is the adorable Selin and Anthony. The two are single parents, and while super hot professional wrestler Anthony seems too good to be true (along with being a smart, emotionally intelligent dad to his daughter with ASD), they’ve had amazing chemistry and… gentle interactions. Please don’t let them become trash because I ship them!

After introducing us to this potential romance, the show introduced us to former jet-set hospitality manager Brent Vitiello, and his “career-focused” operations manager for a real estate company wife. , Tamara Djorjevic.

The two got off to a rocky start when Tamara looked visibly disgusted at the altar after Brent told her he worked at a bar and club, and things only got worse at reception after Tamara started insulting people who work in retail. She states that she is looking for someone “ambitious” which we all know means rich, and the best man Levi had none of that.

He obviously didn’t look impressed with her superficial comments and proceeded to explain to her why she said she wouldn’t date someone who worked in a toy store… I mean, as a parent , I don’t see any problem with discounts on Jurassic World merch but ok. Levi calls him saying “so [what] if someone needs money and has no other way to get it? and that “dating someone who worked in retail would be a step down for you”

In the words of Redditor u/fox_coffee, “Levi has a great ‘supporting character in a young adult drama that becomes everyone’s favorite vibe’. We totally agree!

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