Gamer Spots Strange Witcher and Gears of War Crossover at Toy Store

armament of war and Witcher fans are in similar situations right now, at least a little. the Witcher fans have been waiting for current-gen upgrades for Geralt’s latest adventure, which CD Projekt Red recently confirmed will be released in Q4 2022. Although these are just rumors, many fans believe also a Master Chief style collection of armament of war will be released this year too, presumably with remastered versions of Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3at least.


However, beyond that, there’s really no similarity between the two franchises. One is a third-person action RPG set in a fantasy world, while the other is a third-person shooter set in a sci-fi world. Both have their fans, but the witcher and armament of warDifferences are like night and day, which makes a recent discovery by a fan somewhat mind-boggling.

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Redditor GlenMcCallum recently shared a find from a Bulgarian toy store, where the box depicts an unusual Witcher and armament of war crossing. It looks like the toy was supposed to feature a armament of war character, as it is their armor, but the entire head is replaced with Geralt’s. The light hitting the box also proves that this isn’t a photoshopped image, or if it was, it’s a pretty good photoshop one. Obviously there was some photo editing to put Geralt’s head on a gears character’s body, but the discovery itself feels genuine.

The weapon Geralt is holding is neither of the witcher the universe, nor the Gears of War universe. Instead, it’s likely to display the mark of sorts associated with the toy weapon. Many fans had a lot of fun thinking that this is a armament of war version of Geralt holding a weapon named “Super Buttle Gun”. Of course, while the exact circumstances of this toy weapon are unknown, many have spent a day in the field mixing and matching the witcher and Weapons of war. Hilarious comments include “Gears of Rivia”, “Geralt of War”, “Geralt Fenix” and instead of witcher schools there is “Gears of Witchers”.

There are a lot of unique and interesting discoveries being made like this all the time in the gaming community, like a Skyrim fan who found a Daedric Dagger replica at a thrift store. Circumstances change, of course, and it was probably some fan’s personal project, when this toy seems like some kind of contraband, crossover gone bad (in the best of ways).

Either way, I hope fans learn a little something about each of these franchises in the near future. Beyond the aforementioned remasters and next-gen upgrades, fans know that a new Witcher game is in development and the Coalition will likely continue with Speeds 5 at one point.

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