Firefighters called to rescue adult from child’s toy car

Video footage has emerged on social media of the moment firefighters were called to rescue a shirtless man from a child’s toy car.

In the images below, the man is assisted by two firefighters as he tries to get out of a red and yellow Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car.

The trapped male raises his arms in the air as onlookers laugh at the spectacle unfolding before them.

However, during the 50-second clip, the man cannot break free, at which point the sequence ends.

One social media user commented: ‘Sorry I need to ask but was he driving and driving while I see a bottle of something at the bottom of the video?

Another added: “How the firefighters kept a straight face the whole time is beyond me! Do not laugh and save. Invaluable.’

One viewer remarked that he’d rather stay in the toy car than have to call the fire department: “I think I’d stay that way before calling the fire department lol.”

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