Ferrari SF90 Spider wooden toy car took 25 days to make

Let’s face it: not everyone can afford a Ferrari. These Italian sports cars and supercars are reserved for the one percent of the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one, at least in the form of a small wooden car.

For YouTube wood art, making one is the way to go. Using a few blocks of wood, the sculptor artist made a model in the form of a Ferrari SF90 Spider. The creation isn’t perfect, but we’re sure a number of you, dear readers, can appreciate the craftsmanship behind the wooden toy car above.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider debuted over a year ago, but its design is pleasing to the eye even in photos. The people of wood art were able to translate that beauty into the wooden model – or so we think.

The model also comes with moving parts, which makes it even more special. The wheels work, as well as the front and rear suspensions. The steering also works, while the bonnet, engine cover and doors all open. Even the driver’s seat slides into position.

What is remarkable is that the roof of this SF90 Stradale convertible miniature retracts, folds and hides. It is not done mechanically and does not fold in 14 seconds like the real car. However, the integration seems seamless, meaning anyone playing with this toy model can have it with the roof up or down.

We are not sure if wood art sells this creation or if you can have another vehicle ordered by these creatives, but you can check the Arts and crafts website if you are really interested.

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