Everyone gets a (toy) car in MrBeast, the Lamborghini competition that MSCHF has just launched


Fresh out of a collaboration with a digital studio Mythical, MSCHF – the Brooklyn-based viral products collective – teams up with Mr. Beast, with whom he previously worked on the hit mobile game Finger on the app.

Their second adventure together, baptized Everyone has a car, is a kind of raffle, where consumers can buy a “car” for $ 35. Four different sizes of Lamborghini will eventually be shipped to buyers: a toy car that is 1 / 64th the size of a real Lambo, a remote control car, a kid’s car and a real Lamborghini.

The raffle starts today and ends on January 10 – or as soon as the stock of 250,100 MSCHF model cars runs out. While everyone who purchases will receive a toy car, the remaining prizes will be awarded to the winners selected by random draw and notified by email or phone within two days of selection.

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A total of five real Lamborghinis are offered, including one used Aventador Coupe (approximate retail value $ 300,000, per MSCHF) and four used Gallardos ($ 100,000.00 each). This means that the probability of winning a Lambo is 0.002%.

Additionally, 250 second prize winners will receive children’s Lamborghinis (approximate retail value of $ 279 each) and 2,500 third prize winners will receive a remote control model, valued at approximately $ 20 each. , according to MSCHF. The odds of winning second and third place prizes are 0.1% and 1%, respectively.

Participating buyers must be residents of the United States and be at least 18 years of age. All sales are final.

MrBeast and MSCHF have already hosted two Finger on the app games – a free mobile competition where participants are challenged to hold a finger on their phone screen for as long as possible. The first game offered a prize pool of $ 25,000 – although MrBeast ended up handing out $ 20,000 to four winners – while the second offered a prize of $ 100,000.


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