Cops recover gun and cartridges from toy factory of defendant in syndicate liquor businessman shooting case; Married woman raped in the Banganga region

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Police seized the gun which was used to open fire on a unionized liquor businessman from the accused Hemu Thakur’s toy factory in the city on Sunday.

According to Tahjib Kaji, head of Vijay Nagar police station, Hemu was arrested in Lasudia area a few days ago for shooting businessman Arjun Thakur at the syndicate businessman’s office. liquors in the Vijay Nagar region.

The accused was in pre-trial detention and the police were looking for the pistol used in the crime because the accused was misleading the police. During the investigation, the police learned that Hemu ran a toy factory in the Gauri Nagar area and that he may have hidden the gun there. Following a lead given by the accused, the police recovered the pistol and two live ammunition cartridges from his factory. On Sunday, his period of pre-trial detention was over and he was brought before the court from where he was sent to prison.

Married woman raped in the Banganga region

A married woman was allegedly raped by a man in the Banganga region, police said on Sunday. The police filed a case against the defendant and two of his accomplices, including a woman for supporting the main defendant.

According to the Banganga police, a 25-year-old woman filed a complaint stating that she had gone to a place in the Banganga region where she had met the accused, named Ketan, and two of his accomplices some time ago. A few days. They had offered her breakfast after which she fell unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she found her clothes in disarray. According to the victim, the accused told him that he had made his video. He reportedly threatened to release the video if she refused to meet him.

After that, the accused entered into several physical relationships with her without her consent and two other people, including a woman, supported him. The police registered a complaint against the defendants and launched a search for them.

5-year-old girl drowns in underground water tank

In a tragic incident, a 5-year-old girl died after falling into an underground water tank in a township in the airfield area on Saturday evening. Someone had put a cardboard lid on the tank leading up to this fatal incident. The police sent the body for an autopsy and opened an investigation into the case.

According to the police, the deceased was identified as Sukma, daughter of Vishnu Karma. Vishnu and his wife are deployed there as guards in a house under construction in Nariman City. When the couple were busy working, Sukma approached the water tank, sat on the cardboard cover and fell into it.

When family members discovered that the girl had been missing for over an hour, they began to search for her. Then her parents checked the underground water tank and found the girl inside. They took the girl to the hospital but she could not be saved.

To cover the tank, house workers had put plywood over it, but on Saturday someone had put a cardboard cover over the tank.

Posted: Sunday, March 13, 2022, 11:55 p.m. IST

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