Conor McGregor gives his daughter a horse and carriage for her birthday

CONOR McGREGOR treated his daughter Croía with his own horse and carriage for his third birthday as he marked his special day.

He shared a sweet video of him walking alongside a beaming Croía as she enjoyed his new mode of transportation.


Croía was clearly delighted with her new toy
The 33-year-old walked by his side


The 33-year-old walked by his side

Conor captioned the post: “Happy 3rd Birthday my beautiful Princess Croía Mairéad McGregor.

“I love you with all my heart and with all my soul my daughter, here is your horse and your carriage because you are a royal girl, never forget that.”

She is the middle child of Conor and Dee Devlin, born between Conor Jr and Rían, who only arrived in the world in May.


The McGregor family seemed to have had a lovely time at home, having been based in the United States for much of 2021 while Conor rehabilitated his broken leg.

Conor shared photos of them visiting his The Black Forge pub on St. Stephen’s Day as his father Tony and sister Erin gave subscribers a preview of their lavish Christmas dinner.

As usual, Tony and Mum Margaret were accommodated in their Dublin home.

As with families across the country, there was an abundance of delicious food on the go.

Erin shared a bunch of snaps of their treats which included a sumptuous chocolate cake, shrimp cocktails, and of course a huge turkey and ham.

Describing the festive scene, she said, “Beyond the joy of being with these guys on Christmas. Just a few photos from today.”


In addition to his birthday presents, Croía and his siblings were also treated to spectacular gifts from Santa Claus.

Their transportation included several fancy cars, video games like Minecraft, a plethora of action figures, and a miniature kitchen set.

Before the big day, Conor and Dee had also teamed up with Erin as they enjoyed a party night in her boozer Crumlin.

Recapping the evening, he said: “Well spent Sunday at The Black Forge Inn with the unbreakable crew.

“What a spot, what a sound system, what a selection of drinks!

“Oh and don’t forget our award-winning Michelin star food served by chef @eddraethorne and his team!

“Properly fed!” Let’s go! We are the Black Forge. “

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