Chris Evans Picks His Favorite Toy Story Movie (And It’s Not Lightyear)

Lightyear voice actor Chris Evans reveals which of the five Toy Story films is his favorite during an interview where he plays with puppies.

Chris Evans picks his favorite movie from the toy story frankness, and it is not Light year. After toy story 4 seemingly gave the franchise a definitive end, it was unclear how Disney could continue to profit from its lucrative piece of intellectual property. The answer came with Light yearthe movie Andy Davis saw in 1995 that made him want a Buzz Lightyear toy. Light year received mixed to positive reviews in the short time of its release, with many considering it a fun space adventure that doesn’t quite live up to previous ones toy story movies.

Although there are currently mixed opinions on Light year, in part due to Tim Allen’s recast with Evans, it was always going to be difficult for the spinoff to live up to expectations. the original toy story Not only was it a monumental film for Pixar as it marked the studio’s first feature film, but it also had an impact with critics and at the box office, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of 1995. toy story 2 couldn’t quite live up to its predecessor, and Toy Story 3 was considered the perfect ending to the franchise, showing Andy going to college and leaving his toys to Bonnie. Almost ten years later, toy story 4 would hit theaters, which some felt was unnecessary, but the sequel received critical acclaim, in part due to Woody and Bo-Peep’s script.


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While trying to answer questions while playing puppies in a recent Buzzfeed Celebrity interview, Evans was asked if he watched toy story when he was younger or to prepare for Light year. Unsurprisingly, Evans confirmed that he is a big fan of toy story before he was thrown in Light year and revealed what his favorite in the franchise is. As the pups manhandled him, Evans quipped, “We do not care?“before you say”Maybe the first, just because it was the original.

Lightyear Buzz Toy Story

Light year cannot include Woody, Rex or any of the other characters toy story fans have come to love over the year, but the movie has a lot to offer. Buzz Lightyear is by far one of Pixar’s most popular characters, so it’s no surprise he was chosen to direct the first. toy story spin off. Between Zurg, Star Command, and the aliens, there were plenty of elements the studio could play with to give Buzz a compelling origin story. While it may not have lived up to the standard set by the first four movies, it’s fair to say Light year at least gave many moviegoers a memorable experience.

Many Disney fans consider the first toy story to be the best even though each film brings something new to the franchise. Long duration toy story fans returning to theaters nearly 30 years after the original’s release may still have a bias for Pixar’s first film. However, with Light year to be the introduction of many young fans to toy story, he could very well become some kids’ favorite addition to the franchise. Evans may have been too distracted by the puppies during the interview to give extra grip to Light yearbut the actor is undoubtedly proud of his film and the joy it brings to the public.

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