Children with reduced mobility receive personalized ride-on cars

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – Brooks Rehabilitation helps young children with limited mobility get active with custom ride-on toy cars modified for their needs.

The organization held a build Saturday to modify cars at the University of Jacksonville Health Sciences Complex.

Fourteen children returned home with a personalized car thanks to the Go Baby Go First Coast Cruisers program at the Brooks Rehabilitation Center.

The Center partners with JU students to build the cars from scratch.

“We build these cars in less than three hours and give them to the kids,” said Jessie Kristof, project manager for First Coast Cruisers.

Cars will help children get around on their own.

“So the idea is that you take the feet out of the equation and now they’re able to direct and activate and press the button at the same time,” said Michael Justiss, president of occupational therapy at Jacksonville University.

Ease of access and safety are essential, which is why each car is inspected before being given to a child.

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Cars will help children get around on their own. (WJXT)

“My role on this project is to be the approval engineer to basically check all the changes that have been made to the wiring to make sure there won’t be any issues once we transfer the cars over. and that we’ll move on to the kids,” the software said. engineer Ayshka Castro.

Plus, each one is uniquely designed with the child’s favorite color and cartoon.

But here’s the best part: when the kids arrive with their parents, they can pick up their personalized vehicle and take it for a test drive on the track.

“Being able to partner up and just support our community is just huge for us. Being able to really get involved in the community is so rewarding,” said Hannah Bateman, a first-year occupational therapy student at the University of Jacksonville.

If you know a child who would like a modified Go Baby Go chair, visit

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