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Which Carnage toy is the best?

After “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” released in October 2021, more fans than ever wanted to get their hands on a Carnage toy. Some might say the best toys and collectibles inspired by the iconic Marvel villain are mostly action figures and statues, but there are plenty of options for die-hard fans.

If you want the best Carnage figure, the top pick is the highly detailed and poseable Amazing Yamaguchi figure. With 40 points of articulation and tons of parts that can be mixed and matched, there are plenty of ways to display this figure.

What to know before buying a Carnage toy

Want a collectible or a toy for children?

There are a number of Carnage toys aimed at kids, as well as toys inspired by Venom and other Symbiotes from Spider-Man stories. You can also find highly detailed figures and statues designed for older audiences. The iconic villain isn’t usually the kind of Marvel character that young readers and viewers gravitate to, the Carnage toys a kid would appreciate might be a little harder to find.

Are you already a collector?

If you collect Funko POP! Marvel Legends products or figures, you should check out Carnage in these toy lines. If you already have an ongoing collection, you might want a Carnage toy that matches what you already have on your shelf. If you’re buying one as a gift, consider what Marvel toys and collectibles your gift already enjoys to find suitable Venom and Carnage toys for their collection.

Do you prefer movie or comic book designs?

Carnage made his first theatrical appearance in the recently released “Venom” sequel, but if you’re interested in all of the Symbiote villain’s versions and comedic appearances, there’s so much more to choose from. If you want to find movie-inspired designs, check out the latest Carnage toys.

What to Look for in a Quality Carnage Toy

Visual quality

One of the most important characteristics of a Carnage toy or collectible is its resemblance to the monstrous comic book villain. Lower quality Carnage toys may have simple paint jobs or simplified designs without too much detail. The best Carnage figures and merchandise are distinctly Carnage and feature lots of detail.


For young Marvel fans or anyone who enjoys playing with a Carnage figure, it’s important that it’s tough enough to handle. Movable, articulated figures are more fun to play than a statue that can only hold one pose. Look for Carnage toys that offer lots of playability. The Symbiote has made appearances in LEGO sets and other toy series, providing many ways to play.


The best Carnage toys for collectors and older fans can be easily displayed and look great on a shelf or desk. Carnage’s design is quite eye-catching in the first place, making it a great option for a display collectible.

How much you can expect to spend on a Carnage toy

Simple action figures and toys like collectible vinyl figures can be found for less than $30. Collectible Carnage toys and figures will typically cost $40 and up.

Carnage Toys FAQ

Are Carnage toys safe for young children?

A. Always check the intended age ranges for Carnage toys and products. Some figures have very small parts that are not necessarily safe for young children. Depending on the child, small and complex components may not be a problem, but this varies widely.

What type of collectible is best?

A. Many fans will enjoy the Carnage action figures and statues, but there are also comic books, costumes, and other Carnage-related items. No particular Carnage toy or collectible is the best option for everyone, as it really depends on what the collector personally likes.

What’s the best Carnage toy to buy?

Top Carnage toy

Amazing Yamaguchi Figure

What do you want to know: This detailed, high-quality PVC figure includes tons of interchangeable parts so you can display Carnage any way you want.

What you will love: Carnage stands 6.2 inches tall and comes with a figure stand. He has 40 points of articulation and over 30 small parts that can be mixed and matched, depending on how you want to pose the figure. It is brightly colored and made of eco-friendly PVC.

What you should consider: Some collectors have found it to be much more delicate than expected, making it better suited for display.

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Best Carnage toy for the money

Venom vs. Carnage Bend and Flex

Venom vs. Carnage Bend and Flex

What do you want to know: The affordable bendable figure set comes with Carnage and Venom, and is safe for ages 4 and up.

What you will love: The set includes Carnage and Venom, with web stands to display both characters. Both figures are the same 6-inch scale as other Bend and Flex toys. The joints are flexible and easily bent into tons of positions, making them convenient to play and durable for young users.

What you should consider: These aren’t the most detailed numbers out there and despite the flexible design, some customers have still reported them breaking.

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Worth checking out

Premium Carnage Collectible Statue

Premium Carnage Collectible Statue

What do you want to know: This large posed statue of Carnage is intended for use as a display figure by older collectors.

What you will love: Even with his crouching posture, Carnage stands approximately 9 inches tall. It is a highly detailed collectible that can be easily displayed in a home or office. This figure is not intended for children under the age of 12.

What you should consider: Some customers have reported receiving damaged boxes or missing components.

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