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Which Bionicle toy is the best?

Although the Lego Group’s Bionicle toy line has been discontinued, its legacy lives on. Years after the last Bionicle was released, they sell online for two, three, and sometimes even 10 times the original value.

If you’re looking for the best Bionicle toy, the LEGO Bionicle Kopaka – Master of Ice is an awesome choice. This features one of the original Bionicle heroes in all his glory, complete with Frost Shield and Ice Spear.

What to know before buying a Bionicle toy

The Bionicle Story

One of the most unique aspects of Bionicles is that it has a deep and continuing tradition. Each figure, especially the main heroes, had a rich story that was told through comics, web videos, games, and even movies. The story follows the Toa, legendary elemental heroes who guard the Matoran, the race of people inhabiting the land of Mata Nui. Each Toa draws their power from their special Kanohi Mask, as well as one of the primary elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Stone, and Ice. The story ended in 2010 and was restarted in 2015.

Inspired by LEGO Technic

While LEGO is primarily known for its interlocking plastic bricks, it offers another line of pieces known as LEGO Technic. These featured rods, axles, gears, and spindles that interconnected to form complex, high-rigidity structures, such as bridges and buildings. LEGO Technic was used to design and create all of the Bionicle builds, as it gave each character a sense of mobility and durability.


Despite the initial popularity of the Bionicle series, the franchise was discontinued in 2010 due to poor sales. A commonly cited cause for the decline was the complexity of the story, which became difficult to follow after a decade. There was an attempt to reboot the line in 2015 with a more streamlined story; however, mixed reviews halted one of the plans, and it was promptly canceled a year later.

What to Look for in a Quality Bionicle Toy

Interactive elements

Bionics are also known to have designs that allow controlled movement, such as triggers on the back of certain constructs that allow warriors to swing their swords. Coupled with removable masks, this feature can be used for intense battles with the aim of knocking off the enemy’s mask.

All parts included

As Bionicle toys have become incredibly rare, the majority of sets sold today are resold or refurbished. As a result, many original parts or packaging may be missing. While it doesn’t matter for other toys, a missing piece could signify an incomplete build in Bionicles, such as the inability to connect a Toa’s claw to its arm. Always check that the included bags contain all the parts listed in the instruction manual.


Likewise, most Bionicles sets come in a box or capsule that can protect the parts or store the final build. If you are a collector, having the original packaging is essential to retain the original value. If possible, avoid dealers who attempt to sell you a set without the original box.


Bionicle masks play a major role in both construction and lore. This is where they gain power and identity. You simply can’t have a Toa Bionicle without its mask and weapons. Be sure to choose sets that include the original weapons, masks, and accessories if you want the full experience.

How much you can expect to spend on a Bionicle toy

Bionicle toys have become extremely expensive in recent years. The most affordable build can start around $80, and the more expensive ones can cost upwards of $350.

Bionicle Toys FAQ

Why was Bionicle discontinued?

A. Production of the Bionicle line has stopped due to low product sales. Critics attribute the decline to low interest in new characters, the complexity of the story, and the difficulty of assembling the toys for play.

Why do some Bionicle toys cost over $100?

A. Since Bionicle toys have ceased production, many of the supplies currently available are made through resellers. Scarcity has driven the value up exponentially.

What is the best Bionicle toy to buy?

Top toy Bionicles

LEGO Bionicle Kokaka — Ice Master

What do you want to know: Kopaka was one of the original Toa and the Master of Ice, making him a great addition to any Bionicle collection.

What you will love: Kopaka has an ice lance and an anti-frost shield, which can be converted into skis, which makes him exciting to play.

What you should consider: Kopaka’s updated version is somewhat bulky and clunky compared to the original version.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Bionicle toy for the money

LEGO Bionicle Tahu Uniter of Fire Building Kit

What do you want to know: Tahu is the leader of the Toa, and here you can see him in all his majestic glory.

What you will love: Tahu wears shiny golden armor in this build, which sets him apart from other builds.

What you should consider: At over $350, it’s definitely one of the most expensive versions available.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LEGO Bionicle 70794 Scorpion Skull Building Kit

LEGO Bionicle 70794 Scorpion Skull Building Kit

What do you want to know: Skull Scorpios are evil creatures created by Kulta, the Skull Grinder. They pose a significant danger to Matoran and Toa alike.

What you will love: At 10 inches long, it’s the second largest Bionicle set you can buy.

What you should consider: Unlike the older generation of Bionicles, this one comes in a box, which can be easily damaged during shipping.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Bionicle Toy Alternatives

It’s not always easy to find Bionicle toys in stock, but there are similar toys available that you might want to try instead.

LEGO Star Wars General Grievous 75112 Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars General Grievous 75112 Building Kit

What do you want to know: Since LEGO is the maker of Bionicles, it’s only natural to see its Bionicles designs influence its other toy lines, as is the case with this General Grievous set.

What you will love: Similar to Bionicles, this set is made with LEGO Technic, allowing for greater strength and flexibility with its four arms.

What you should consider: Due to the construction complexity, it is recommended for ages 9 and up.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

STEM robot toy |  3 in 1 fun creative set

Robot STEM Toy 3 in 1 Fun Creative Set

What do you want to know: Encourage your children to invest in construction and creation with this robot toy, which is close to LEGO constructions but more affordable.

What you will love: This figure can transform into a robot, a car and an animal

What you should consider: The actual figure is smaller than what you can see in the photo.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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