Adam King teases ‘amazing’ announcement as Toy Show star dresses up

Adam King will be part of something “incredible” in the very near future.

The Late Late Toy Show star and creator of the ‘Virtual Hug’ who has helped thousands of people during the Covid-19 lockdown teased the announcement on social media on Saturday night.

“We did something really amazing today…we can’t wait to tell you about it soon.” a tweet read, with some cheeky emojis added.

Accompanying the tweet was a snap of the man himself looking very stylish as he was dressed in a waistcoat and tie.

Adam was also adorned with a special jewel.

Her family announced last week that their first charity initiative of 2022 would be supporting Temple Street, through a unique range of ‘Hug for You’ jewellery.

They said: “In our first charity initiative of 2022, we are delighted to support Temple Street by bringing you a range of bespoke virtual hug jewelry! If you want to capture #adamsvirtualhug in a timeless way, now you can!

Adam has stolen the hearts of the nation since appearing at the festive celebration in November 2020.

His ‘virtual hug’ has been a great tonic during lockdown and has lifted the country’s mood.

The boy from Cork dreams of joining a space mission and working for Mission Control when he grows up.

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