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In a startling incident, a Delhi resident claimed to have received a strange item instead of the one he ordered from an e-commerce site. Vikram Buragohain shared on Facebook that he ordered a remote control car but ended up receiving a packet of Parle-G cookies. His message about this confusion has now left many laughs.

Buragohain shared a snapshot of the order he received on his Facebook profile. “When you get a Parle-G cookie instead of what you ordered from Amazon India…hahahahaha. Ab Chai Banana Padega. (Gotta make tea now),” he wrote in the legend.

Here is an overview of the order that was received:

The image shows the Parle-G package received in the Amazon delivery box. (Facebook/@Vikram Buragohain)

Shared on June 21, the post elicited several reactions. People were surprised to see a packet of cookies instead of the product he ordered. Buragohain, however, went ahead to poke fun at the situation with a few netizens.

“Evening snacks mil gaya (You have a snack for the evening),” Buragohain wrote in the comments section.

“Did you complain?” asked a Facebook user. To this, he replied that a refund was already in progress. “At least it’s not a brick,” wrote another.

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