2-year-old Raleigh fills up with gas in a small car in the midst of a shortage :: WRAL.com

– Between all the stress and confusion, there has been an overwhelming fallout from this gas shortage.

The fuel shortage crept into the consciousness of a Raleigh toddler with a garden hose.

An adorable photo of 2-year-old Channing Monroe trying to fill his toy car‘s gas tank garnered a lot of attention online, gaining over a thousand shares on the WRAL Facebook page.

The photo warmed people’s hearts, sitting in long lines with tanks running out of patience – giving viewers a good mood.

The little tike is not impacted by the stress of the gas shortage. Its comfortable 4×4 coupe gobbles up urban-grade H2O, straight from the pipe.

At the age of 2, Channing was over a decade before Drivers Ed. But even at a young age, he had an innate sense of all things automotive.

Her mother, Morgan Monroe, is a nurse at Duke Raleigh.

“I have to be at work, so we went, we got dressed, got [to the gas station] before dropping it off at daycare, “she said.” I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is crazy!’

Her father, Brandon, is an engineer for a pharmaceutical company at RTP.

After work, he captured the photo that filled WRAL’s newsroom with awww and smiles.

Channing has washed his car before, but he’s never really filled it with gasoline.

“We never saw him fill it out, so it was very surprising,” Brandon said.

Children perceive such things – making it seem like a world where struggles are real.

“I thought it would be really funny in the midst of this gas shortage crisis,” his parents said. “We thought it would be fun to send this photo – just to add some humor to a stressful situation for all of us.”

Hundreds of smiling viewers are happy you sent this photo.

Good driving, Channing.

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