Is taking a payday loan easy?

Do you need money to buy a new fridge? Or maybe you want to go on a trip and you do not have enough savings? In these and in many other cases, we can opt for payday loan, which are currently available not only in banks, but also in payday loan companies.

Borrowing in the past was a complicated procedure. Banks were very reluctant to grant payday loans and required a number of documents. We also had to wait long enough to consider the payday loan. Today the situation is quite different – we can get a payday loan in one day and only as an ID card. This is a big difference and also the reason why we borrow payday loans so often for various needs.

To get a payday loan, we have to meet certain requirements. They vary depending on where we will apply for a payday loan. They also depend on the amount of the payday loan and the repayment period.

What do we need to get a payday loan?

The basic document for obtaining a cash payday loan is an ID card. We should also have a permanent address in Poland. In many payday loan companies it is enough to get money, but only in a smaller sum up to PLN 10,000.  . When we had difficulties in repaying the installments in the past or did not pay any payday loans, our chances are getting smaller – we can refuse.

Creditworthiness is also important, which is calculated on the basis of generated income and expenses and other factors. If the creditworthiness is positive, we will get a payday loan without any problems if we meet the other requirements. Otherwise, we can have more difficulties with it. The preferred source of income is an employment contract for an indefinite period, a retirement or pension, as these are permanent benefits. However, we can also apply for a payday loan when we have our own business or work under a civil law contract.

For smaller amounts, we only write a statement about income and expenses. When they are higher, we must provide documents, for example a certificate from the employer, a bank statement, the last PIT.

Internet payday loan – simpler than stationary

Then, when we are looking for a quick and easy payday loan, it is worth checking the offers on-line. At present, internet payday loans are very popular and often chosen by those in need of additional cash. Thanks to them, we can finance various expenses, because we can allocate money for any purpose. We do not need to provide any documents for obtaining an on-line payday loan, for example, earnings certificates. Formalities are minimized, so the whole process is also simplified and shortened. Thanks to that, we can receive money even on the same day!

If you need a comfortable, safe and simple payday loan, we invite you . Our installment payday loan allows you to get up to PLN 10,000 for 24 months. The main requirements are the age of 20-80 years, not set in the debtors’ register, permanent address of residence in Poland and documented income. We also do not require any sureties or securities.

You can submit a payday loan application with us online. We cordially invite you!

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