Payday loan without paycheck

We discover the Payday loan , one of the forms of financing offered to its customers also for this 2019. We see how to receive the desired loan quickly even for those who are without paychecks . So let’s see the main features of this product, with the interests we will have to pay to the company and the opinions of users about it.

Payday loan: how to apply for fast financing without a paycheck

If you are looking for a loan, one of the best companies to which you can turn. In fact, all the customers, which offer anyone the opportunity to obtain the money they need to carry out any type of project. Among the various solutions that can be found here, one for which the number of requests is always very high is the Payday loan . This financing option obviously has the main characteristic of providing a particularly low maximum amount that can be requested . One of the main reasons for choosing this financial product is that it is a fast loan, which allows the applicant to get the desired money in no time . With the Payday loan it is even possible to obtain an immediate disbursement of the requested loan.

The reason why delivery times are extremely tight are to be found not only in the small amount that can be requested, but also in the requirements for access to this form of financing. In order to proceed with the request it is in fact necessary that the applicant is already a customer of the . In particular, as regards the Payday loan, it is emphasized that the customer must necessarily own a registered letterhead. So the person who makes a request will be a profile already known to the company, which will not have to waste time making the necessary checks. 

One of the advantages of the Payday loan is that it can also be requested by those without a paycheck . As stated in the requirements that are reported on the website, it is not only employees who have the opportunity to make the request. Among the income documents accepted as an alternative to the paycheck there is, for example, a pension slip . This allows pensioners to have access to the desired credit, provided they are under the age of 76 at the end of the repayment. Finally, as regards the youngest, offers adults the possibility to apply for a Payday loan Loan even without a paycheck. In this case the income document to be submitted is the last tax return . Therefore, self-employed workers can also receive the desired funding, given that for small sums of money the Payday loan income required will not be particularly high. To proceed with the request for a small loan from , it will be enough to present an identity document, a health card and an income document among those we have just seen.

Characteristics of Payday loans: repayment terms and interests

We have therefore seen who the Payday loan are for. Another fundamental aspect to consider before proceeding with the request for funding is linked to the characteristics of this product . In general, what can be said is that it is a rather useful and convenient form of loan. We have already talked about the delivery speed , which allows us to often get the desired money immediately. Regarding the amount that can be requested, there are three options among which we can choose. The sum of money to which we can have access can be 1000 euros , 2000 euros , or 3000 euros . So this is a solution aimed for example to those who are in the situation of having to face an unexpected expense, or if for example you want to organize a trip and prefer to spread the expense, or if you want to organize a party or whatever.

The repayment of the sum of money received on loan is made through the payment of monthly installments , which have an expiration date set for the 15th or 30th of each month. The duration of the Payday loan can not be chosen by the customer and is fixed at 22 months regardless of the amount requested and the borrower’s requirements. This is the reason why on the website there is no simulator to calculate the estimate . What we know is that the repayment installment will in any case be particularly low, given that it will be between € 50 and € 150 per month . As for the interest applied, the Taeg expected for this 2019 will be 10.14% . Therefore the cost of the loan will not be particularly high, either due to the fact that the amount that can be requested is reduced and because the duration is fixed at 22 months.

There are two ways to repay between which you can choose. As we said, one of the requirements required to receive a Payday loan is to hold a card. As easily understood, it is possible to complete the repayment right through this. In this case, once the sum of money has been disbursed on the card, the repayment installments will be deducted from it every month . Alternatively, it is possible to request that the installments be deducted from the current account , which obviously must necessarily be payable to the beneficiary of the loan. An area of ​​the website that is very useful is that of frequently asked questions . Here you will find all the answers you are looking for on any product, therefore also on the Payday loan. Among the characteristics of the product that are described there are the right of withdrawal and the early termination . The first represents the possibility for the customer to “think again”, provided that no more than 14 days have elapsed since the payment of the requested amount. Finally, as regards the early extinction, this is always possible starting from the fifteenth day following the payment of the requested sum of money. This can be reimbursed in advance of the natural expiry of the loan, without the payment of any penalty.



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