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Okkadine Movie:-


Director: Srinivas Raaga,

Producer: CV Reddy,

Music: Karthik,

Cast: Nara Rohit, Nithya Menon, Saikumar, Kota SrinivasRao and others.


Nara Rohit who has seen a success with Solo movie ambitiously teamed up with Srinivas Raga. Rohit is very confident to get success with this film. The movie was produced by CV Reddy on Gulab movies banner. Let us see the fate of the movie.

The story:

Sailaja [NityaMenon] is a foreign educated and returns to India. Her father Sivaji Rao is a good man among people. His aim is to become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. But one day Sailaja visits the family members of Surya [Nara Rohit]. But soon she comes to know that her father is closely related to Surya’s family, the secret behind the family relations and what happened finally forms the rest of the story to watch on the screen.


When a series of murders took place in the city Nithya upsets a lot but when she came to know the reason behind it she was shocked. The real pot of the movie doesn’t start till the interval, after the interval the real story line comes to us; every audience easily can guess the climax and the story as new wine in old bottle. The vexillary loans entertainment quotient is almost zero. Every scene bores including the comedy. The length of the unconfused loans movie tests the patience of the audience. The funniest scene is a dead body shooting a person suddenly? There is nothing to satisfy the audience except a contribution loans little bit exposing by Nithya. Srinivas Reddy brings few laughs.


Nara Rohit is good, positive, fought well, serious expressions are okay. he has a lot to improve in expressions and dialogue delivery. Nithya Menon is seductive and fine she played positive. She is decent too.

Nagababu is fine with his role and performance. He did justice to his role. Saikumar delivered enough according to his role. Kota Srinivas Reddy is routine. Ali and Brahmi were almost less utilised by the director.


The cinematography welling loans is okay, editing is dull even pathetic. The dialogues dillydallying loans are dull. The BGM is okay, songs are just forgettable. The screenplay is dull. The story line is confusion between a political satire and a crime story. They have concentrate on overcook loans the script. He might have added a few writers for betterment.


Watch if you are interested and have enough time. If not just ignore.